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#4126 RFP: gmfsk macports-tickets@… request closed Normal

I would love to see gmfsk added to darwin ports.

Currently there is no open source equilivant to this package for os x

#2497 RFP: drscheme mcalhoun@… request closed Normal

drscheme is the corresponding IDE for the Scheme language for mzscheme. Since mzscheme is already in darwinports, it would be a good idea to add drscheme as well.

#25825 RFP: autojump macports-tickets@… request closed Normal

Request "autojump":

#17939 RFE: xserve-raid-tools does not need to depend on perl5.8 markd@… enhancement closed Normal

Since xserve-raid-tools depends on p5-xml-parser, it does not need to
depend on perl5.8.

This also helps to fix #16830.

#2885 RFE: xplanet 1.1.2 blb@… defect closed Normal

variant pnm {

depends_lib-append lib:libnetpbm.10:netpbm


#12006 RFE: wxWidgets 2.8.4 toolbar bug macports-tickets@… enhancement closed High

wxWidgets 2.8.4 has a bug with toolbars, when compiled with configure (works OK from Xcode). This is due to it defaulting to the native toolbar, which doesn't work for all widgets (e.g. menus).

Patching the default for wxMAC_USE_NATIVE_TOOLBAR fixes the problem, and works for e.g. codeblocks.

#11755 RFE: www/apache2 +openssl97 variant to fix bug imajes@… enhancement closed Low

OpenSSL 0.9.8 (security/openssl) seems to have a known mis-interaction with Apache and large uploads, which is particularly exercised by Subversion. see <> for a less than helpful confirmation.

Since OpenSSL 0.9.8 hasn't been fixed, the attached patch adds a +openssl97 variant to apache2 which I can confirm fixes the inability to commit large files into Subversion. It is uglier than I would like, but because /opt/local gets looked at before /opt/local/lib/openssl97/ it is necessary that the openssl port be deactivated for the configure and build of apache2 +openssl97 to pick the correct library. Additionally, I'm using the internal registry_active API to check that this is the case. I'm not opposed to someone smarter than me at Portfiles fixing any of these problems.

#2411 RFE: wml ports@… defect closed Normal

The current version of wml in DarwinPorts is 2.0.8:

The current version (as of a little over than 2 years ago) is 2.0.9:

which adds "Support for Perl 5.8.0", hopefully by making its check for a sufficiently-recent version of Perl more general than looking for a small set of versions (e.g., look for 5.6.0 or later, rather than for 5.6.0 and 5.7.0).

The lack of support for 5.8.0 keeps it from working on Panther, which has perl 5.8.1-RC3 (well, 10.3.6 does, but even earlier versions had 5.8.x). As wml from site appears to be built with an old version of libtool that doesn't understand Darwin, it's a royal pain to build from the source on, so upgrading the DarwinPorts version would be useful.

#12755 RFE:Wireshark 0.99.6 Port - Add support for libgcrypt ricci@… enhancement closed Normal

Just sucessfully ported wireshark 0.99.6. Doesn't appear to have been linked with libgcrypt. If it had it would allow decrypting of ESP packets if you know the session keys and SPI data (See ESP Protocol preferences in the wireshark Preferences menu).

Using the current port the ESP options onlyt allow decoding of null encrypted ESP packets.

Rgds. Mark E

#4678 RFE: windowmaker eye-candy olegb@… defect closed Normal

I was trying to set up drag-and-drop support but all I got was this lousy variant ;-)

# Various eye-candy options variant candy {

post-configure {

reinplace "s|undef OPTIMIZE_SHAPE|define OPTIMIZE_SHAPE|" \


reinplace "s|undef ICON_KABOOM_EXTRA|define ICON_KABOOM_EXTRA|" \


reinplace "s|undef WINDOW_BIRTH_ZOOM2|define WINDOW_BIRTH_ZOOM2|" \




#11503 RFE: vtk (revision 22667) doesn't have a Tcl/Tk interpreter css@… enhancement closed Low

VTK is currently available only as a library against which compiled applications may link. Many users of VTK, however, use only Tcl (or Python) scripts, which are interpreted by Tcl (or Python) interpreters with all the VTK extensions compiled in. For example, all of the demonstrations that Kitware distributes with VTK are Tcl scripts, and some builds of VTK create an executable called "vtk" that is (I believe) the "wish" tcl/tk shell, with VTK extensions.

It would be nice to have this Tcl/Tk capability available with the MacPorts VTK.

(sorry- I can't tell from browsing the source tree on the wiki how to identify the specific version of vtk being distributed; I know its some vtk version 4, as opposed to version 5)

#15907 RFE: virtual packages macports-tickets@… enhancement new Normal


I want to create a Portfile that just has a set of dependencies, but no new package of its own. This is so I can make a prebuilt binary package of a set of software to install. As far as I can tell, there is no way to create a Portfile that is like a virtual package.

#5535 RFE: variant of subversion without neon? dluke@… enhancement closed Low

It would be nice to have a variant of the subversion port which would not pull in neon. My macs (both 10.3 and 10.4) use subversion to access repositories which are hosted on other hosts, but they do not host any repositories. No sense pulling in neon (and whatever it depends on) if I don't need it. The subversion port under FreeBSD supported a WITHOUT_NEON option for a long time, for instance.

#19392 RFE: Use muniversal PortGroup to build pango ryandesign@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed change to the universal build of pango.

#19390 RFE: Use muniversal PortGroup to build giflib ryandesign@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed change to the universal build of giflib.

#19025 RFE: use muniversal PortGroup in fontconfig ryandesign@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed change to fontconfig.
It goes under the assumption that muniversal is the much safer way
to build universal binaries, so use it if works.

#15485 RFE: Use distfiles mirror and fallback also for URLs with tags jmr@… enhancement closed Normal

If a URL in master_sites has a tag, the distfiles mirror and the fallback sites are not considered.

For example:

distfiles       foo:tag1 bar:tag2

In this example, foo should be downloaded from, tag2 from But the distfiles mirror and the fallback site are not added.

#25508 RFE: Use destroot.keepdirs instead of installing README in Qt directory michaelld@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed patch to use destroot.keepdirs instead of installing README in Qt directory.

#12309 RFE: Use autoconf on port, portindex, portmirror sfiera@… enhancement closed Normal

Originally, autoconf variables were used to perform substitution of @TCLSH@ and @TCL_PACKAGE_DIR@. This was changed in r3311, with the explanation that the substitution should be done at compile time rather than configure time. I don't see any particular reason this should be the case, particularly when we're wedging sed in to do a job meant for ./configure.

A patch containing the proposed changes is attached.

#7856 RFE: upgrade gnumeric gnome-darwinports@… enhancement closed Low

The current version of the gnumeric port is 1.5.3. I would like to request that the port be upgraded to the current version of gnumeric, which is 1.6.2.


#689 RFE: upgrade apache2 port to 2.0.47 fkr@… enhancement closed Normal

New release

#38582 RFE: update the file in base to silence some warnings produced by autoscan macports-tickets@… enhancement new Normal

When running autoscan in base, it gives the following warnings: warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([dup2]) wanted by: src/machista1.0/tests/libmachista-test.c:76 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([getcwd]) wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:403 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([lchown]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/Pextlib.c:464 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([localtime_r]) wanted by: src/programs/daemondo/main.c:128 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([memmove]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/filemap.c:746 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([mkdir]) wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:829 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([munmap]) wanted by: src/machista1.0/libmachista.c:499 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([realpath]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/realpath.c:67 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([regcomp]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/strsed.c:584 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([rmdir]) wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:859 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([select]) wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:209 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([setenv]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/Pextlib.c:408 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([socket]) wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:359 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strchr]) wanted by: src/machista1.0/machista_wrap.c:1381 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strdup]) wanted by: src/cregistry/entry.c:384 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strerror]) wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:369 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strrchr]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/xinstall.c:466 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strstr]) wanted by: src/machista1.0/machista_wrap.c:1383 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strtol]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/Pextlib.c:205 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strtoul]) wanted by: src/machista1.0/machista_wrap.c:1820 warning: missing AC_CHECK_FUNCS([utime]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/curl.c:438 warning: missing AC_CHECK_HEADERS([mach/mach.h]) wanted by: src/programs/daemondo/main.c:66 warning: missing AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/ioctl.h]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/tty.c:41 warning: missing AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/mount.h]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/xinstall.c:50 warning: missing AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/param.h]) wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:70 warning: missing AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/time.h]) wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/sha2.c:38 warning: missing AC_CHECK_HEADER_STDBOOL wanted by: src/machista1.0/libmachista.c:247 warning: missing AC_C_INLINE wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:136 warning: missing AC_FUNC_CHOWN wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/xinstall.c:1077 warning: missing AC_FUNC_FORK wanted by: src/machista1.0/tests/libmachista-test.c:25 warning: missing AC_FUNC_LSTAT_FOLLOWS_SLASHED_SYMLINK wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:721 warning: missing AC_FUNC_MALLOC wanted by: src/cregistry/entry.c:88 warning: missing AC_FUNC_MMAP wanted by: src/machista1.0/libmachista.c:469 warning: missing AC_FUNC_REALLOC wanted by: src/cregistry/util.c:56 warning: missing AC_PROG_AWK wanted by: portmgr/packaging/ warning: missing AC_PROG_RANLIB wanted by: src/cregistry/Makefile:5 warning: missing AC_TYPE_MODE_T wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:646 warning: missing AC_TYPE_OFF_T wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/flock.c:57 warning: missing AC_TYPE_PID_T wanted by: src/machista1.0/tests/libmachista-test.c:25 warning: missing AC_TYPE_SIZE_T wanted by: src/cregistry/entry.c:376 warning: missing AC_TYPE_SSIZE_T wanted by: src/darwintracelib1.0/darwintrace.c:687 warning: missing AC_TYPE_UID_T wanted by: src/pextlib1.0/Pextlib.c:464 warning: missing AC_TYPE_UINT32_T wanted by: src/machista1.0/hashmap.c:52 warning: missing AC_TYPE_UINT8_T wanted by: src/machista1.0/libmachista.c:87

I'm running the most recent autoscan that MacPorts offers, which is:

gl00b05044:base root# autoscan --version
autoscan (GNU Autoconf) 2.69
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+/Autoconf: GNU GPL version 3 or later
<>, <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Written by David J. MacKenzie and Akim Demaille.

Feel free to add as many of the missing macros as you think makes sense.

#11170 RFE: Update rsnapshot port to version 1.3.0 mww@… enhancement closed Low

Version 1.3.0 was released in October 2006. Please update to this version.

#18192 RFE: universal build of mpfr vincent-opdarw@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed change to allow mpfr to have a universal build.

#6995 RFE: typo in portfile for environment variable gwright@… defect closed Normal

"dlyd_library_path" should be "dyld_library_path." trivial error.

the guile INSTALL file states that setting this env. variable is probably necessary to get the modules to load, but if someone knows how to compile this option in that would be more convenient.

#4539 RFE: trafshow's description could mention TCP noses@… defect closed Normal

'port search tcp' doesn't pick up trafshow, which is a shame. It might also mention UDP and ICMP, if it can show traffic for those protocols.

#17945 RFE: teg does not need to depend on perl5.8 pguyot@… enhancement closed Normal

Since teg depends on p5-xml-parser, it does not need to
depend on perl5.8.

This also helps to fix #16830.

#4074 RFE: tbz archive mode macports-tickets@… defect closed Normal

Here is a little patch to enable bzip2 compression in archive mode

the patch fits 1.011 release

#2666 RFE: Subversion tools dluke@… defect closed Normal

It would be wonderful for the Subversion port to install the examples and scripts from the tools directory. The FreeBSD subversion port does this, and I didn't realize how much I use some of the sample scripts (especially tools/backup/ Darwinports could simply copy the scripts into /opt/local/share/subversion. This would make these tools more easily available to end users without requiring them to dig through the source distribution.

#14481 RFE: subversion: Install some more tools into ${prefix}/bin dluke@… defect closed Normal

Would be good to also install wcgrep and svnmerge into ${prefix}/bin. Also, build mucc only if +tools is selected. See attached patch.

#12480 RFE: spidermonkey-1.60 uses ${install.user} and ${} macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

Spidermonkey tries to install as root instead of ${install.user} and ${} (see attached files).

#2813 RFE: socat security update md@… defect closed Normal

There's a new upstream of socat available which fixes a security issue in the current ( DP version .

Just using the latest version ( in the Portfile works fine.

#16808 RFE: saving/restoring installed ports macports-tickets@… enhancement new Normal

Would be great to be able to save a list of installed ports, with variants, to then restore with a single command on another machine. This includes subsets of ports.

Would greatly help with migration, fresh installs, etc.

#19361 RFE: ruby: Let autoconf from the system satisfy the dependency kimuraw@… enhancement closed Normal

ruby has a dependency on port:autoconf. Does it really require this autoconf version, or would it also be satisfied by using /usr/bin/autoconf?

The autoconf port requires perl5. Although perl is also required by many other ports, it adds unnecessary build load for new users installing MacPorts explicitly to get the latest ruby version.

Please consider changing the dependency to bin:autoconf:autoconf.

#6370 RFE: Ruby 1.8.4 now available macports-tickets@… defect closed Normal

The DP port of Ruby is still at 1.8.2. Please update it to 1.8.4.

#1777 RFE: rrdtool update to 1.0.48 macports-tickets@… defect closed Normal

rrdtool 1.0.48 is out. Updated portfile later, entering a bug so I've got it for tracking -eric

#4623 RFE: Request Port of latex2html macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

Can we get latex2html as a darwinport, to complement the port of tetex.

There are enough dependencies that more is involved than just downloading it and hitting make configure and make. . . .

#38662 RFE: Replace "command execution failed" with a more informative error message macports-tickets@… enhancement new Normal

One thing I've noticed from looking at a bunch of trac tickets is that users will often report their errors as "command execution failed", when in reality, the log and debug output will show something more specific. It'd be useful to replace the "command execution failed" message with something more informative, so that maintainers don't have to go changing this in ticket titles all the time.

#17517 RFE: remove --disable-acl from coretuils nox@… enhancement closed Normal

I can not recreate the errors from #13005 that prompted the Leopard workaround in r30465.

Perhaps it was fixed in r33352, r36567, or r41446.

#18098 RFE: Remove dependencies in system_x11 variant jeremyhu@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed change to the system_x11 variant.

If a port results in a "stub package," then it seems to me that it should
not have any dependencies.

#506 RFE: Quotas & Limits when Executing in packageall.tcl macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

It would be very useful if packageall would be a little less "trusting" when executing configure/ make/fetch commands for building port files, as some configure/make scripts may themselves be broken and cause the whole automated process to delay longer than necessary or spin out of control.

Use of a limit or ulimit command to limit processor consumption... on configure scripts

Use of quota to limit consumption for fetch, configure, make to less than a gig (or even 10) would make sense to me.

I have thus far had two portfiles delay the whole process for several hours each when compiling the half-ports. di just sat for 7 hours.... and eli spun out of control (consuming 90% on both processors of lamancha) for 70 minutes, and wrote over 1 gig of configure log files (all because the configure script asked a yes/no question and then kept askign the question again, not liking the response... whatever it was getting from the tcl script.. I don't know).


#9359 RFE: py-pyrex 0.9.3 outdated landonf@… enhancement closed Normal

pyrex is available. I would gladly submit a patched portfile for it but there are also a bunch of additional patch files which need to be checked so I'd rather let the maintainer take care of that ;)

#38206 RFE: pubkeys_conf variable in macports.conf macports-tickets@… enhancement new Low

There are already variables for specifying the path to the sources.conf file and the variants.conf file in macports.conf:

# Where to find the sources list.
sources_conf		/opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf

# Where to find global variants definition file (optional)
variants_conf		/opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf

I'd like a pubkeys_conf variable to go along with these two previous ones, so I could specify a different path to my pubkeys.conf file as well. It would look something like this:

# Where to find the list of pubkeys
pubkeys_conf		/Users/egall/opt/local/etc/macports/pubkeys.conf
#38381 RFE: pseudo-portnames `depof:` and `rdepof:` should be more granular macports-tickets@… enhancement new Normal

What I mean is I want to be able to do something like port echo lib_depof:foo or port echo lib_rdepof:foo to get just the (recursive) library dependencies of port foo. This would be useful for my script so I can have it not list build dependencies as unnecessary dependencies.

#12224 RFE: provide ${os.major} instead of local regexps macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

Provide ${os.major} with the major ${os.version} to use for platform variants and for packaging. Having it in one place makes it easier to modify for different OSes, and less code when using...

#1927 RFE: postgresql add shared memory parameters to /etc/sysctl.conf mww@… defect closed Normal

With the default parameters, postgresql will only operate with a bare minimum of buffers and sort memory. A quick google returns a page that suggests modifying /etc/rc, which is a really bad idea.

Maybe the best way to handle this is to add appropriate commented out sysctl lines to /etc/sysctl.conf, and message the user that they should probably uncomment them. Then again, I don't know of any downside to upping the parameters, so maybe it should just make the change.

BTW, I think if this is done an the machine is rebooted before initdb is run, much better default values should be chosen.

#2904 RFE: Postgresql8 port should have an rc.d startup script mww@… defect closed Normal

I believe it used to have one, or maybe just postgresql7 had one. I can provide one if it would help.

#10647 RFE: Postfix-2.3.2 needs updated to 2.3.3 yeled@… enhancement closed Normal

On postfix 2.3.X a new compile option is needed to have sasl support. Here's a snip from postfix-2.3.3.RELEASE_NOTES

[Incompat 20051220] The Postfix-with-Cyrus-SASL build procedure has changed. You now need to specify -DUSE_CYRUS_SASL in addition to -DUSE_SASL_AUTH or else you end up without any Cyrus SASL support. The error messages are:

unsupported SASL server implementation: cyrus unsupported SASL client implementation: cyrus

As a side note we could upgrade to postfix 2.3.3


#19391 RFE: Possible modifications for gd2 ryandesign@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached are some proposed changes for gd2:

Two of the patchfiles were added in r34193 because of #14216.
gdlib-config seems to have changed so that they are no longer needed.

Manually setting hardcode_direct was added in r13017.
I am not sure I completely understand the issue, but if it was only
an problem when upgrading between 2.0.28 and 2.0.33, then perhaps
this can be removed (it was 4 years ago).

The search for X11 libraries has been changed to be more in keeping with
other ports.

The muniversal PortGroup is used.

#8537 RFE: port request: omake macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

There are not too many "major" software packages that require it as a prerequisite, but I find OMake very useful for my own projects and would like to give my colleagues using Mac's a simple option for installing OMake.

I believe the only prerequisite package for building OMake would be ocaml.

#38428 RFE: `port -q provides` should print just the portname macports-tickets@… enhancement new Normal

This would make it easier to parse in scripts. Currently I have to pipe the output through | cut -d\: -f2 first before I can use it. Also this should only be with the -q flag because the other information is useful in other contexts. I think I also brought this up on irc a few months ago but never got around to making a ticket for it until now...

#8723 RFE: 'port oudated' should provide different output when no outdated ports macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

it would be nice to provide alternate message when there are not any outdated ports.

jpm.giant-squid ~ -=> port version Version: 1.211 jpm.giant-squid ~ -=> port outdated The following installed ports are outdated: jpm.giant-squid ~ -=>

looking at darwinports/base/src/port/port.tcl from cvs, it appears as though it already has this capability. but even after installing from cvs i still get the string "The following installed ports are outdated:" when i do not have any outdated ports.

proc action_outdated { action portlist opts } {

[...] if { [llength $ilist] > 0 } {

puts "The following installed ports are outdated:" [...]

} else {

puts "No installed ports are outdated."


return $status


#7465 RFE: 'port install' and other commands should create logs macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

This would not be difficult.




It could keep times, executables installed and so on.

I keep looking at the output of 'port installed' and thinking I want to know whent those were installed....

#6369 RFE: pngcrush-1.5.10: use bzip2 michaelm@… defect closed Normal

The atttached patch enables the use of bzip2 in the pngcrush-1.5.10 port and adds a sha1 checksum.

#10924 RFE: plist & wrapper for fetchmail pmq@… enhancement closed Low


Please find attached my plist and wrapper file for fetchmail (heavily based on plist & wrapper for courier-imap).

#14763 RFE: please update minicom (2.1 --> 2.3) waqar@… update closed Normal

Current port version : minicom 2.1, Revision 2 Latest upstream release : minicom 2.3

Project homepage:

Download link:

Changes (from the NEWS file): New for version 2.3:

  • Fix build on Mac OS X
  • New version of the dial format to be little and big endian as well as 32/64 bit safe
  • Support more baud rates
  • Handle device disappearances (e.g. serial-USB device unplug)
  • Various build and other fixes

New for version 2.2:

  • Vietnamese translation added
  • Norwegian translation added
  • Traditional chinese translation added
  • Swedish translation added
  • Romanian translation added
  • default to 8bit mode if LANG or LC_ALL are set
  • default baud rate set to 115200
  • Various code cleanups and fixes

tia, jpo

#7382 RFE: Please provide gnuserv for emacs-devel macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

The current way to use gnuserv and gnuclient with emacs-devel was to copy the files devices.el, gnuserv-compat.el and gnuserv.el from /usr/share/emacs/21.2/lisp/ (that comes from with Mac OS X 10.4). gnuserv/gnuclient should be provided either by emacs-devel directly or by a separate port (or another solution -- I don't know what's the best way).

Note that the above method doesn't work completely: "gnuclient file" doesn't work here (with the carbon variant), but "gnuclient -batch -eval ..." is OK.

Note that under Linux, the gnuclient that comes with emacs21 works perfectly with the emacs cvs (corresponding to emacs-devel here), so I don't know what's wrong.

#11198 RFE: pinfo - remove stale patch files markd@… defect closed Low

All files in the "files" folder of the "pinfo" port are not referenced in the Portfile.

They were used for the previous version of the ported program (0.6.8).

Now they are obsolete and are not used any more.

#3737 RFE: pinentry master_site typo in Portfile yeled@… defect closed Normal

pinentry's master_site line should look like this:

master_sites \

But it doesn't - the second master site in the current portfile has an extraneous "gnupg" in it - the current one looks like this:

master_sites \

#4922 RFE: php5 version bump macports-tickets@… enhancement closed High

PHP 5.0.5 is now available and according to, is a recommended upgrade for all users of php5. Please update the portfile to reflect the new version at your convenience. Thank you.

#13989 RFE: php5 +macports_gd2 macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

This patch adds a new variant +macports_gd2 to php5. It let's you use the gd2 library from MacPorts rather than the bundled library coming with the php5 distribution.

#4271 RFE: pdftk gcc40 variant blb@… enhancement closed Normal
--- Portfile.orig       2005-08-02 19:22:30.000000000 -0400
+++ Portfile    2005-08-02 19:25:13.000000000 -0400
@@ -54,3 +54,10 @@
+variant gcc40 {
+    depends_lib-delete  bin:gcj:gcj34
+    depends_lib-append  port:gcc40
+    build.args-delete   TOOLPATH=${prefix}/gcj34-3.4.?/bin/
+    build.args-append   TOOLPATH=${prefix}/bin/ \
+                        VERSUFF=-dp-4.0
#14605 RFE: pdflib mcalhoun@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed enhancement of pdflib:

  • Added ruby language binding.
  • Added python25 language binding.
  • Fixed a bug where the perl directory darwin-thread-multi-2level did not exist.
  • Added livecheck.
#16799 RFE: pcre: Enable readline by default nox@… enhancement closed Normal

The pcretest tool supports readline, but it has to be enabled with a configure switch. Since readline is such a basic library and many other ports depend on it, I think it would be good to include this by default.

Patch attached.

#12257 RFE: palm-db-tools patch for MobileDB 4 css@… defect closed Normal

The palm-db-tools project includes support for the old, strings-only MobileDB database format. I posted a patch to Sourceforge that provides support for the full extended fields available in MobileDB 3 and MobileDB 4. Consider adding this patch as a variant.

#3136 RFE: Octave feature request: octave-forge macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Not set

It would be really, really, really great if octave-forge was included as part of the octave port, or if there were an additional octave-forge port.

#12206 RFE: noarch metadata macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Low

It would be nice to be able to flag ports such as perl or python as "noarch", meaning that they will work on either architecture without needing compilation.

This information can then be used e.g. when making packages, to avoid having to make one package for each arch but instead one "noarch" package for all of them.

#17943 RFE: nip2 does not need to depend on perl5.8 jcupitt@… enhancement closed Normal

Since nip2 depends on p5-xml-parser, it does not need to
depend on perl5.8.

This also helps to fix #16830.

#39294 RFE: new port (developer) action: `port preprocess` (for PortGroups) macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

Seeing as PortGroups are kind of like #include files in C, I'd like a port preprocess command (analogous to the C preprocessor), to be able to see what a Portfile looks like after all the PortGroups are included into it and stuff.

#12201 RFE: nbsmtp with ssl variant macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

I think nbsmtp should have a ssl variant to enable the ssl support. the configure option is --enable-ssl

#19002 RFE: muniversal PortGroup simplifies opnessl mww@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed change to the universal build of openssl.

#4981 RFE: mt-daapd 0.2.3 (or 0.2.1 with iTunes 5 patch) is needed to make iTunes 5 see the playlist mww@… defect closed Normal

mt-daap < 0.2.1 pretends to be iTunes 4, but iTunes 5 only wants to see/connects to shares that pretend to be iTunes 4.7. mt-daapd 0.2.3 fix that.

The official homepage of mt-daapd no longer seems to be but http://

#10942 RFE: move all palm ports to the palm directory css@… enhancement closed Low

Consider moving the following ports to the palm directory:

  • devel/pilrc
  • devel/prc-tools
  • sysutils/pilot-link

Grouping these ports into one place would keep them under a single location. They are primarily palm ports above their other categories.

#19138 RFE: More verbose `port outdated` when epoch is incremented but version and revision are left unchanged macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

port outdated's output can be a little confusing when the epoch is incremented but the version and revision are kept the same. For example:

openssl                        0.9.8k_0 < 0.9.8k_0

I've attached a patch that (1) sets the flag field and (2) additionally displays the epochs when the above situation occurs. For example:

foobar                         0.1_0_0 < 0.1_0_5        E
#643 RFE: mod_jk2 macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

The newest JK2 is a refactoring of JK . The native part has been completly restructured and the configuration has been simplified a lot.

#642 RFE: mod_jk macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

JK is a replacement to the elderly mod_jserv. It was a completely new Tomcat-Apache plug-in that handles the communication between Tomcat and Apache.

#17096 RFE: modify use of perl in curl-ca-bundle ryandesign@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposal to modify the use of perl in curl-ca-bundle.
The changes are:

  • perl5 would be the default perl port (as described in #16830).
  • p5-mime-base64 does not seem to be needed (Perl 5.8.8 seems to provied the package).
  • Make it explicit which perl is being used.
#12176 RFE: meta ports for ease of installing complex ports macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Low

I think some meta-ports of commonly-used bundles of components -- Apache2/php/mysql -- should be installed and managed as a single entity.

If I request that the ports system install the meta-port "amp" (apache/mysql/php), that port depends on apache with the php DSO, mysql server with the client libraries, and php with its hooks to connect to MySQL.

As it is now, to get these you need to "install php5 +mysql5 +apache2" as well as mysql5 +server and it's far from clear how that works out.

#12791 RFE: "mdmg" target for creating metapackage disk image macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

mdmg is to dmg, what mpkg is to pkg

#15456 RFE: Make use of mirror jmr@… enhancement closed Normal

As has gone live and is reliable, we should add it to the list of mirrors in base.

See also

#38579 RFE: make the aclocal.m4 file in base safe to regenerate with `aclocal` macports-tickets@… enhancement new Normal

Regenerating aclocal.m4 with aclocal is a standard part of an autotools workflow. Automake tells you to do it, libtoolize tells you to do it, gettextize tells you to do it, and I'm sure there are other tools that tell you to do it, too, that I'm just not thinking of now. However, the aclocal.m4 file in base contains some hard-coded macros in it, meaning that if you run aclocal, you're going to overwrite them and then be missing some of the macros you need. This is pretty simple to fix: you could rename the current aclocal.m4 file to acinclude.m4, or move it into the m4/ directory in base, or both. After doing that, you can regenerate the aclocal.m4 file with aclocal -I m4.

#806 RFE: make depends, uninstall, and toc detect if package installed from .pkg file fkr@… defect closed Normal

Previously, I had posted a simple patch to include receipts files in "pkg" file creation. This was the wrong approach and I have since removed that bug.

I have a new approach that I believe to be much smarter. The attached patch will make the dependency checking properly detect if a package was installed using the "pkg" file via the program. This allows distribution of "pkg" files for install and still have the port system detect them and not attempt to rebuild them.

The patch also includes fixes to "uninstall" and "toc" targets so that the "uninstall" will not allow a user to uninstall a "pkg" installed package with "port uninstall", but instead tells them to use the "". Also, the "toc" target will list the BOM of the "pkg" that was installed using the "" (and warns the user that it's doing so).

Please consider this change for commital. I think it's a good step forward for the DarwinPorts handling of "pkg" files.


#659 RFE: make db4 port support TCL michaelm@… enhancement closed Normal

Here's a patch to make db4 support the tcl bindings.

Index: Portfile
RCS file: /Volumes/src/cvs/od/proj/darwinports/dports/databases/db4/Portfile,v
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -u -r1.13 Portfile
--- Portfile    23 Apr 2003 11:28:40 -0000      1.13
+++ Portfile    24 Jun 2003 21:11:41 -0000
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
 version                4.1.25
 revision        1
 categories     databases
+platforms      darwin
 description    The Berkely DB package, revision 4
@@ -15,9 +16,11 @@
 worksrcdir     ${distname}/build_unix
 configure.cmd  ../dist/configure
 configure.args --enable-compat185 --enable-dump185 --enable-cxx \
-                  --enable-dynamic --includedir=${prefix}/include/db4
+                  --enable-dynamic --includedir=${prefix}/include/db4 \
+                  --enable-tcl --with-tcl=/System/Library/Tcl/8.3

-install.destroot  prefix=${destroot}${prefix}includedir=${destroot}${prefix}/include/db4 \
+install.destroot  prefix=${destroot}${prefix} \
+                    includedir=${destroot}${prefix}/include/db4 \

 long_description Revision 4 of the Berkeley DB library. This version \
#8401 RFE: macports installer package postflight tweak macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

mktemp is used in the postflight script of the installer. the return of the mktemp is not checked so it may not have succeeded. the subsequent write to can fail when it doesnt have to.

Instead of doing this:

TMP=`/usr/bin/mktemp /tmp/dp.$$`
$SHELL -l <<EOF > $TMP
    /usr/bin/printenv PATH

if grep $BINPATH $TMP >/dev/null 2>&1; then

maybe you can do something like:

if $SHELL -c "/usr/bin/printenv PATH"|grep -c $BINPATH >/dev/null; then
        echo "You already have the right PATH - l337!"

most people would probably never run into a failure case.. but why create a temp file if you dont have to..

#12455 RFE: linux support for ncurses macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

For some reason my Fedora install didn't like using the system "tic", with the ncurses library from the MacPorts port... As a workaround I built the programs for installation, and then deleted them again in the post-destroot.

#12211 RFE: "lint" action for Portfile verification macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

port needs a target to verify that Portfiles are following set criteria, such as required variables or character encoding. It also helps to check that whitespace use and declaration order is uniform.

USAGE: $ sudo port lint MacPorts zlib ---> Verifying Portfile for MacPorts ---> 0 errors and 0 warnings found. ---> Verifying Portfile for zlib Warning: Line 4 should be a newline (after PortSystem) Warning: Line 16 should be a newline (after long_description) Warning: Line 33 has trailing whitespace before newline ---> 0 errors and 3 warnings found.

#15149 RFE: Link trac ticket guidelines from New Ticket page wms@… defect closed Normal

Our Trac ticketing guidelines are not very visible. It would be good to link them on the New Ticket page to point new users into the right direction.

#5522 RFE: libgtkhtml port has too many dependencies gnome-darwinports@… defect closed Normal

libgtkhtml/Portfile contains:

depends_lib bin:control-center:control-center

This is too much. The following may be sufficient:

depends_lib lib:libxml2:libxml2 port:gail

(I tried to guess by looking at the Debian packages). With that, I could install libgtkhtml on my machine. I don't know if there are missing dependencies, though (the gail port has already many of them). At least this shows that control-center is not needed.

#17108 RFE: libgdiplus should not have pkgconfig in the depends_lib ryandesign@… enhancement closed Normal

pkgconfig is already in the depends_build.
I do not think pkgconfig is needed after installation.

Attached is the proposed change.

#14227 RFE: lang/gcc41: Add support for gcc_select mww@… enhancement closed Normal

Here is a patch that adds a select file for support by gcc_select. It was adapted from the select file for gcc42.

#12109 RFE: interactive mode needs "done" message macports-tickets@… enhancement closed Normal

When using the 'port' command in interactive mode, I'm often left wondering after one or more progress message(s) whether it's done. The only way I know to find out is to type a "help" command and see if I get a response. In fact, due to this problem, I'm avoiding interactive mode, because with the command line I can see a shell prompt when it's done. This seems a shame because I bet I would learn more faster in interactive mode.

#15049 RFE: install manuals and info pages of gcc43 mww@… defect closed High

Again, I believe that manuals are an integral part of software. Therefore, gcc43 should install them instead of deleting them.

Due to the conflict issues I propose to move them to a specific position, like this (untested due to missing computing resources, but it shows the idea):

Index: Portfile
--- Portfile	(revision 36111)
+++ Portfile	(working copy)
@@ -72,13 +72,15 @@
 # install-info # errors on objc-info files
 post-destroot {
-	file delete -force ${destroot}${prefix}/share/man/man7 \
-		${destroot}${prefix}/share/info
+        # move manuals to gcc43-specific directory
+	xinstall -m 755 -d ${destroot}${prefix}/share/gcc43/man/man7
+	xinstall -m 755 -d ${destroot}${prefix}/share/gcc43/info
+        file copy ${destroot}${prefix}/share/man/man7/* ${destroot}${prefix}/share/gcc43/man/man7
+        file copy ${destroot}${prefix}/share/info/* ${destroot}${prefix}/share/gcc43/info
 	# install/copy ffitarget.h only if we have it
 	if {![catch {set ffitarget.h [glob ${destroot}${prefix}/lib/${name}/gcc/*/${version}/include/ffitarget.h]} result]} {
 		file copy ${ffitarget.h} ${destroot}${prefix}/include/${name}/
 	# install select file for gcc_select
 	xinstall -m 755 -d ${destroot}${prefix}/etc/select/gcc
 	xinstall -m 444 ${filespath}/mp-gcc43 ${destroot}${prefix}/etc/select/gcc/

It would be great if then gcc_select could provide the appropriate (selected) set in the standard place.

#14638 RFE: in openmpi change variant fortran to gcc42 and gcc43 mww@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposal to allow the user to choose which Fortran compiler to use.

I also replaced depends_build with depends_lib since I believe that openmpi continues to require the Fortran compiler even after openmpi is built.

#7273 RFE: httpd-userdir.conf not modified to work on Mac OS X (apache2 port) james@… defect closed Normal

The httpd-userdir.conf file included with apache2 is designed for Unix systems having home directories in /home and web files in a public_html directory. Mac OS X, however, has home directories in /Users and web files in a Sites directory. The httpd-userdir.conf file needs to be patched by the darwinports apache2 portfile, especially since, even if I modify the file locally, it gets replaced the next time I upgrade apache2.

It would be a good idea for someone to check how the apache 1 port behaves in this regard, and open a related bug report for that if necessary.

--- original/extra/httpd-userdir.conf   2006-02-09 01:00:33.000000000 +0100
+++ extra/httpd-userdir.conf    2006-02-11 00:54:34.000000000 +0100
@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@
 # directory if a ~user request is received.  Note that you must also set
 # the default access control for these directories, as in the example below.
-UserDir public_html
+UserDir Sites
 # Control access to UserDir directories.  The following is an example
 # for a site where these directories are restricted to read-only.
-<Directory /home/*/public_html>
+<Directory /Users/*/Sites>
     AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit Indexes
     Options MultiViews Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch IncludesNoExec
#18106 RFE: Have xorg-libXxf86dga +system_x11 install as little as possible jeremyhu@… enhancement closed Normal

XQuartz seems to provide xf86dgaproto but not xxf86dga.
Is there a safe way install just the library (see attached file)?

#16993 RFE: have pkgconfig look for x11 libraries ryandesign@… enhancement closed Normal

May I humbly suggest that pkg-config search in both
${prefix}/lib/pkgconfig and ${x11prefix}/lib/pkgconfig
for .pc files.

Attached is the proposed change.

While looking at the gtk2 port, I noticed that its configure script
could not find several X11 libraries it was looking for.
I looked into creating MacPorts versions, but I would have ended up porting
the entire system.

Another example is xrender.
I have been testing a newer version.
The xrender.pc file depends on x11.pc, which resides in ${x11prefix}/lib/pkgconfig.
Were I to make the upgrade, all ports which use xrender would have to set
the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable.

All of this is possible, but it seems to me that as a matter of both convenience
and elegancy, pkgconfig should search for X11 libraries by default.
After all, many ports do in fact use the X11 libraries.

The rare port which genuliy does not want to search for X11 libraries can set
the PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR variable.

My proposed change sets the search order so MacPorts libraries are found first.

#16254 RFE: Have pike use gtk2 instead of gtk exodusd@… enhancement closed Normal

The gtk variant of pike relies on gtk instead of the more recent gtk2.

#17110 RFE: have ImageMagick use perl5 as the default perl ryandesign@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposal to have perl5 as the default perl on ImageMagick as described in #16830.

#17263 RFE: have ghc depend on path:bin/perl:perl5 gwright@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed change in the perl dependencies of ghc.
See #16830 for the reasons.

#19232 RFE: Have gdbm use the muniversal PortGroup digdog@… enhancement closed Normal

Attached is a proposed change to gdbm to use the muniversal PortGroup.
There is no apparent error with the old way, but muniversal is a safer option.

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