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Ticket #12983 (closed defect: fixed)

Opened 6 years ago

Last modified 5 years ago

BUG: tftp-hpa doesn't build

Reported by: seph@… Owned by: digdog@…
Priority: Normal Milestone:
Component: ports Version: 1.5.2
Keywords: tftp-hpa Cc: digdog@…, seph@…, ryandesign@…, markd@…


I'm new to this project, so I hope I'm reporting this to the right place. I'm sorry if I directed it wrong.

When I try to install tftp-hba, the build fails when making the libs. It produces this error:

echo \#define VERSION \"tftp-hpa `cat version`\" > version.h
make -C  lib
rm -f libxtra.a
ar cq libxtra.a 
ar: no archive members specified
usage:  ar -d [-TLsv] archive file ...

Poking around a little, this seems related to the LDFLAGS='-L/opt/local/lib' block. I don't understand why, but without that, the ar line is:

ar cq libxtra.a xmalloc.o xstrdup.o

Which works just fine.

Change History

comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by nox@…

  • Cc digdog@…, seph@… added
  • Milestone set to Port Bugs

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by ryandesign@…

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  • Cc ryandesign@… added

I'm unable to reproduce this problem. tftp-hpa installs just fine for me, on a MacBookPro3,1 with Mac OS X 10.4.10, Xcode 2.4.1 and MacPorts from trunk (r30483). What LDFLAGS block are you referring to? The portfile contains no mention of LDFLAGS; MacPorts adds LDFLAGS=-L/opt/local/lib automatically for all ports.

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by seph@…

Yeah, I realize that the LDFLAGS arguement is generic to macports and reasonable.

Presumably this is somehow related to some package I have installed, which may be confusing tftp-hpa's configure into generating a bad Makefile. But I'm not realy sure. I've attached the list of things I have installed, does anything stand out as weird to you guys?

abiword @2.4.5_0+use_binary (active) apr @1.2.11_0 (active) apr-util @1.2.10_0 (active) aqbanking @2.2.9_1 (active) atk @1.20.0_0 (active) audiofile @0.2.6_0 (active) autoconf @2.61_1 (active) avahi @0.6.17_1 (active) binutils @2.17_0 (active) bison @2.3_0 (active) boehmgc @6.8_0+darwin_8 (active) bzip2 @1.0.4_1 (active) cairo @1.4.10_0 (active) cairomm @1.2.4_0 (active) cotvnc @2.0b4_0 (active) cups-headers @1.1.15_1 (active) db44 @4.4.20_1+darwin_8 (active) dbus @1.0.2_2 (active) dbus-glib @0.74_0 (active) dbus-python25 @0.82.2_0 (active) dia @0.96.1_0 (active) docbook-xml @4.5_0 (active) docbook-xml-4.1.2 @4.1.2_1 (active) docbook-xml-4.2 @4.2_0 (active) docbook-xml-4.3 @4.3_0 (active) docbook-xml-4.4 @4.4_0 (active) docbook-xml-4.5 @4.5_0 (active) docbook-xsl @1.72.0_0 (active) eel @ (active) emacs @22.1_1+carbon+darwin_8 emacs @22.1_1+darwin_8 emacs-devel @22.0.97_0+darwin_8+x11 (active) esound @0.2.38_1 (active) evince @2.20.0_0 (active) expat @2.0.1_0 (active) fontconfig @2.4.2_0+macosx (active) freetype @2.3.5_0 (active) fribidi @0.10.7_0 (active) gail @1.20.0_0 (active) gconf @2.20.0_0 (active) gdbm @1.8.3_1 (active) getopt @1.1.4_0 (active) gettext @0.16.1_0 (active) glib2 @2.14.0_0 (active) glibmm @2.14.0_0 (active) gnome-desktop @2.20.0_0 (active) gnome-doc-utils @0.12.0_0 (active) gnome-icon-theme @2.18.0_1 (active) gnome-keyring @2.20.0_0 (active) gnome-menus @2.20.0_0 (active) gnome-mime-data @2.18.0_0 (active) gnome-vfs @2.20.0_1 (active) gnumeric @1.7.12_0 (active) gnumeric @1.7.9_1 gnutls @2.0.0_0+darwin_8 (active) goffice @0.3.8_0 goffice @0.5.0_0 (active) gtk2 @2.12.0_0 (active) gtkmm @2.12.0_0 (active) gwenhywfar @2.5.3_0 (active) help2man @1.36.4_1+darwin_8 (active) hicolor-icon-theme @0.10_0 (active) howl @0.9.10_0 (active) icon-naming-utils @0.8.1_0 (active) ImageMagick @6.3.5-7_0+darwin_8 (active) inkscape @0.45.1_0 (active) intltool @0.36.2_0 (active) iso-codes @1.0_0 (active) ispell @3.3.02_0 (active) jpeg @6b_2 (active) kermit @8.0.209_0 (active) ktoblzcheck @1.13_0 (active) lcms @1.16_0 (active) libao @0.8.6_1 (active) libart_lgpl @2.3.19_1 (active) libbonobo @2.18.0_0 (active) libbonoboui @2.20.0_0 (active) libcroco @0.6.1_1 (active) libdaemon @0.12_0+darwin_8 (active) libexif @0.6.16_1 (active) libgcrypt @1.2.4_0+darwin_8 (active) libglade2 @2.6.2_0 (active) libgnome @2.19.1_0 (active) libgnomecanvas @2.14.0_1 (active) libgnomecups @0.2.2_0 (active) libgnomeprint @2.12.1_0 (active) libgnomeprintui @2.12.1_0 (active) libgnomeui @2.20.0_0 (active) libgpg-error @1.5_0 (active) libgsf @1.14.7_0 (active) libiconv @1.11_6+darwin_8 (active) libidl @0.8.8_0 (active) libofx @0.8.3_0 (active) libpcap @0.9.5_1 (active) libpng @1.2.20_0+darwin_8 (active) librsvg @2.18.2_1 (active) libsigcxx2 @2.0.18_0+darwin_8 (active) libtasn1 @1.1_0 (active) libtool @1.5.24_1 (active) libungif @4.1.4_2+x11 (active) libxml2 @2.6.29_0 (active) libxslt @1.1.22_0 (active) lynx @2.8.6rel.5_0+ssl (active) lzo @1.08_0 (active) m4 @1.4.10_1 (active) mtr @0.72_0 (active) nautilus @2.18.1_0+darwin_8 (active) ncurses @5.6_0+darwin_8 (active) ncursesw @5.6_0+darwin_8 (active) neon @0.26.4_0 (active) nmap @4.20_1 (active) opencdk @0.6.4_0 (active) opensp @1.5.2_0 (active) openssl @0.9.8e_0+darwin_8 (active) orbit2 @2.14.7_0 (active) p5-algorithm-annotate @0.10_0 (active) p5-algorithm-diff @1.1901_0 (active) p5-app-cli @0.07_0 (active) p5-bsd-resource @1.28_0 (active) p5-class-accessor @0.31_0 (active) p5-class-autouse @1.26_0 (active) p5-class-data-inheritable @0.06_0 (active) p5-compress-raw-zlib @2.006_0 (active) p5-compress-zlib @2.006_0 (active) p5-data-hierarchy @0.34_0 (active) p5-data-uuid @0.148_0 (active) p5-file-chdir @0.08_0 (active) p5-file-temp @0.18_0 (active) p5-file-temp-svkonly @0.17_0 p5-file-type @0.22_0 (active) p5-freezethaw @0.43_0 (active) p5-getopt-long @2.36_0 (active) p5-html-parser @3.56_0 (active) p5-html-tagset @3.10_0 (active) p5-html-tree @3.23_0 (active) p5-io-compress-base @2.006_0 (active) p5-io-compress-zlib @2.006_0 (active) p5-io-digest @0.10_0 (active) p5-io-pager @0.06_0 (active) p5-ipc-run3 @0.034_0 (active) p5-list-moreutils @0.22_0 (active) p5-locale-gettext @1.05_0 (active) p5-locale-maketext-lexicon @0.62_0 (active) p5-locale-maketext-simple @0.16_0 (active) p5-log-log4perl @1.12_0 (active) p5-net-netmask @1.9015_0 (active) p5-path-class @0.16_0 (active) p5-pathtools @3.25_0 p5-perlio-eol @0.13_0 (active) p5-perlio-via-dynamic @0.12_0 (active) p5-perlio-via-symlink @0.05_0 (active) p5-pod-escapes @1.04_0 (active) p5-pod-simple @3.02_1 (active) p5-regexp-shellish @0.93_0 (active) p5-scalar-list-utils @1.19_0 (active) p5-svn-mirror @0.73_0 (active) p5-svn-simple @0.27_0 (active) p5-term-readkey @2.30_0 (active) p5-test-harness @2.64_0 (active) p5-test-simple @0.70_0 (active) p5-text-diff @0.35_0 (active) p5-timedate @1.16_0 (active) p5-universal-require @0.11_0 (active) p5-uri @1.35_0 (active) p5-vcp-autrijus-snapshot @0.9-20050110_0 (active) p5-version @0.7203_0 (active) p5-xml-autowriter @0.39_0 (active) p5-xml-namespacesupport @1.09_0 (active) p5-xml-parser @2.34_4 (active) p5-xml-sax @0.16_0 (active) p5-xml-simple @2.18_0 (active) p5-yaml @0.62_0 (active) p5-yaml-syck @0.71_0 (active) pango @1.18.1_0 (active) pcre @7.3_0 (active) perl5.8 @5.8.8_0+darwin_8 (active) pidgin @2.0.2_0+msn (active) pkgconfig @0.22_0 (active) poppler @0.6_0 (active) poppler-data @0.1_0 (active) popt @1.12_0 (active) postgresql82 @8.2.5_0+darwin_8 (active) postgresql82-server @8.2.5_0 (active) py25-cairo @1.4.0_1 (active) py25-gdbm @2.5.1_0 (active) py25-gobject @2.14.0_0 (active) py25-gtk @2.10.4_0 (active) py25-libxml2 @2.6.21_0 (active) py25-numeric @24.2_1+macosx (active) py25-xml @0.8.4_0 (active) python25 @2.5.1_1+darwin_8 (active) qt3 @3.3.8_1+darwin_8 (active) rb-rmagick @1.14.1_0 (active) rb-rubygems @0.9.4_0 (active) readline @5.2.007_0 (active) render @0.9_1 (active) ruby @1.8.6_0+thread_hooks (active) scrollkeeper @0.3.14_4 (active) shared-mime-info @0.20_0 (active) sqlite3 @3.4.2_1+darwin_8 (active) startup-notification @0.8_0 (active) subversion @1.4.5_0 (active) subversion-perlbindings @1.4.5_0 (active) tcpflow @0.21_1 (active) tiff @3.8.2_0+darwin_8 (active) w3m @0.5.2_0 (active) wget @1.10.2_0+darwin_8 (active) wireshark @0.99.6_0+darwin_8 (active) Xaw3d @1.5E_1 (active) xemacs @21.4.20_2 Xft2 @2.1.12_0 (active) xmlcatmgr @2.2_1 (active) xmlto @0.0.18_2 (active) xorg-util-macros @1.1.5_0 (active) xorg-xproto @7.0.11_0 (active) xrender @0.9.0_1+darwin_8 (active) zip @2.32_0 (active) zlib @1.2.3_1 (active)

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by seph@…

I spent a bit peering at configure. Some more info...

Without LDFLAGS='-L/opt/local/lib' configure can't find an xmalloc, so sets itself up to build one into libxtra.a. However, with the LDFLAGS it notices that xmalloc is provided by binutil's libiberty.a.

Unfortunatly, it still tries to build libxtra.a only without anything in it. Which results in that ar error. I suspect this is an upstream bug.

comment:5 Changed 6 years ago by markd@…

I don't know what the problem is; I've never seen this. Do you have manually installed open source software in /usr/local? Try renaming /usr/local to something else temporarily. I've also submitted and update to the port (to 0.4.8) in ticket #13115.

comment:6 Changed 6 years ago by markd@…

tftp-hpa 0.48 is now current. Please test this and rename /usr/local/ if necessary. I just can't duplicate the problem.

comment:7 Changed 6 years ago by seph@…

I don't have anything manually installed in /usr/local or /opt/local.

But, version 0.48 fixes this. I suspect it was an upstream bug.

Thanks for updating.

comment:8 Changed 6 years ago by ryandesign@…

  • Cc markd@… added
  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Resolution set to fixed

Great! Then it was fixed by #13115.

comment:9 Changed 5 years ago by anonymous

  • Milestone Port Bugs deleted

Milestone Port Bugs deleted

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