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20:47 Changeset [634] by kevin
Install manpages too.
18:39 Changeset [633] by jkh
Fix message to print proper action
17:30 Changeset [632] by kevin
Added openjade port.
17:27 Changeset [631] by jkh
Document that registry.path is now a settable variable. Make gtk properly …
17:24 Changeset [630] by jkh
Change where the receipts are stored from /Library/Receipts/darwinports to …
16:30 Changeset [629] by jkh
Um, this port depends on x11 so we might as well say so.
16:26 Changeset [628] by landonf
Changes to allow arguments to command.{var} procedures to contain spaces …
16:22 Changeset [627] by eric
Add netcat.
16:02 Changeset [626] by landonf
Use rm -rf to avoid deletion problems with TCL's file delete
15:46 Changeset [625] by kevin
added item
15:18 Changeset [624] by eric
Add mysql.
13:32 Changeset [623] by landonf
Forced commit. The last commit message should read: Upgrade vim to …
13:31 Changeset [622] by landonf
Upgrade vim to patchlevel 174444
05:38 Changeset [621] by landonf
Clean up small bits of options cruft Bring portfile.7 somewhat up-to-date
04:59 Changeset [620] by landonf
Update gtk portfile to use available convenience options
04:43 Changeset [619] by landonf
white space fix
04:42 Changeset [618] by landonf
Run custom option procedure only once in ${option}-delete
04:34 Changeset [617] by landonf
Default make.type to "gnu", not "bsd"
04:29 Changeset [616] by landonf
Properly set, escape, and use default delayed expansion (traced) variables
03:40 Changeset [615] by landonf
Properly reference option variable
03:32 Changeset [614] by landonf
Fix -append & -delete's interaction with TCL variable tracing
02:45 Changeset [613] by landonf
Support static pre/post target procedures
02:11 Changeset [612] by landonf
Update regex to handle all possible file names
01:10 Changeset [611] by landonf
Add basic links port
00:06 Changeset [610] by landonf
Remove no_worksubdir - it requires special handling and the same result …


23:31 Changeset [609] by landonf
Check for init procedure using accessor functions
23:26 Changeset [608] by landonf
Seperate init registration from target registration
23:05 Changeset [607] by jkh
Add error message cleanup as a todo list item.
20:46 Changeset [606] by landonf
Add seat belts for the non-existent port case
20:23 Changeset [605] by landonf
Fix '-d portdir' support
20:18 Changeset [604] by landonf
Renamed SDL ports
20:09 Changeset [603] by landonf
Match the portnames to the name of the directory in which they reside
19:57 Changeset [602] by eric
Clean up names and patches.
19:47 Changeset [601] by landonf
Update index
19:45 Changeset [600] by landonf
Remove quotes used to group software descriptions. Individual arguments …
18:38 Changeset [599] by kevin
quoting of $result in pre-/port-/target routines was buggy.
15:48 Changeset [598] by eric
Add gtk.
15:47 Changeset [597] by eric
Install dylibs.
15:46 Changeset [596] by landonf
Add support for port search
15:13 Changeset [595] by landonf
Add dportmatch and cause dportsearch to return a list of all matches
05:40 Changeset [594] by landonf
Clean up duplicate options Fix man page typos
04:48 Changeset [593] by landonf
Initial implementation of backwards compatable index functionality
04:04 Changeset [592] by landonf
Add a simple indexer
03:32 Changeset [591] by kevin
Pre- and Post- target procs are no longer full-fledged targets, but rather …
01:13 Changeset [590] by landonf
Change 'portbuild' to 'port' and explain required path changes
00:49 Changeset [589] by landonf
Modify to appease a test user's stylistic nit
00:41 Changeset [588] by landonf
First round of documentation changes requested by early testers
00:18 Changeset [587] by landonf
Better definition of sysportpath


23:14 Changeset [586] by landonf
Avoid catching regexp expressions in file name
22:12 Changeset [585] by eric
Build properly and move man pages.
21:56 Changeset [584] by eric
Change path for man pages.
21:22 Changeset [583] by eric
Add glib.
16:42 Changeset [582] by eric
Adjust install paths.
16:04 Changeset [581] by bbraun
Reflect the newer reality.
15:40 Changeset [580] by bbraun
Move the index.php file from the www directory into the darwinports …
13:53 Changeset [579] by landonf
Move portall to use API at higher level
13:32 Changeset [578] by landonf
Make "options" and "variations" arguments optional
10:41 Changeset [577] by landonf
Add support for dportinfo
01:36 Changeset [576] by landonf
Fix multiple depends


16:59 Changeset [575] by jkh
Rename this to "packager" - I hate the name "packaging" as a target and …
16:40 Changeset [574] by jkh
Leave packing lists around in failure cases to aid in debugging. Rename …
16:35 Changeset [573] by jkh
Eliminate a bit of custom debugging diff that got in by mistake and switch …
16:30 Changeset [572] by jkh
Actually, this port requires registry, not install.
13:31 Changeset [571] by eric
Set the prefix and install the binary where it belongs.
09:46 Changeset [570] by jkh
Whoops, take out a debugging puts.
09:42 Changeset [569] by jkh
Reverse myself on a previous decision not to hvae package rely on install …
09:41 Changeset [568] by jkh
*shake head* join filenames properly!
09:38 Changeset [567] by jkh
Small optimization to make the code cleaner.
09:33 Changeset [566] by jkh
Unbotch catch statement.
09:31 Changeset [565] by jkh
Make it possible to have packages go into a common directory. Also fix a …
03:58 Changeset [564] by landonf
Clean up and consolidate code
01:30 Changeset [563] by jkh
Add a simple packaging target.


13:18 Changeset [562] by jkh
Whoops, I had the wrong port before - back previous change out.
13:18 Changeset [561] by jkh
Try not to be such an idiot: Set environment just once for make command.
13:16 Changeset [560] by jkh
Set make and install prefixes correctly
13:15 Changeset [559] by jkh
Set install environment too
13:15 Changeset [558] by jkh
Set prefix properly
12:48 Changeset [557] by jkh
Actually compare checksums correctly now that it's not 3am and I know what …
03:25 Changeset [556] by jkh
Change the format of registry entries to make them more "first class …
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