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    106106 3. ''The file has been tampered with''. It is perhaps somewhat unlikely yet theoretically possible (and it has happened a few times in practice) that the archive being distributed by the developer (or by a mirror) has been genuinely compromised. If a hacker was able to manipulate the developer's (or the mirror's) server, the hacker could have uploaded a revised archive containing malware (a virus, a trojan horse, a spam-sending platform, etc.) of the hacker's choosing, and you would certainly not want to install such software. You must attempt to determine, as above, whether this has occurred by contacting the developer, or by locating an older version of the archive and comparing them. You can also contact the port maintainer or the [ users' mailing list]. 
    107107 4. ''A proxy is blocking your request''.  Some internet connections are protected by a proxy which may not allow file downloads, tar/zip downloads, or may not allow your particular computer to access the internet without being specifically allowed.  In that case, the proxy may return a simple "disallowed" message (with an erroneous 200 status), which MacPorts mistakes for the file that should be downloaded.  Examining the content of the downloaded file will determine if this is the case.  If so, contact your network administrator for access. 
    108  5. ''A download server is misbehaving''. Sometimes mirrors that macports uses are temporarily down.  See []. 
     108 5. ''A download server is misbehaving''. See MisbehavingServers. 
    110110=== Where can I find a GUI frontend for MacPorts? === #gui