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1# $Id$
3PortSystem 1.0
5name            libots
6version         0.5.0
7description     Open Text Summarizer
8long_description        OTS is both a library and a command line tool. \
9Word processors such as AbiWord and KWord can link \
10to the library and summarize documents while the \
11command line tool lets you summarize text on the \
12console. The program can either print the summarized \
13text as text or HTML. If HTML, the important sentences \
14are highlighted. The program is multi lingual and \
15works with UTF-8 encoding.
17maintainers     gmail.com:cedstrom
18categories      textproc
19platforms       darwin
20homepage        http://libots.sourceforge.net/
21master_sites    sourceforge:libots
22distname        ots-${version}
23checksums       md5     1e140a4bf9d720b4339a5c2bdf4976e8 \
24                sha1    4468bc06470734848c2369a37c84f76ca4ac3f9a \
25                rmd160  e413267fc81ab9bf3da5f3787757ce20c7e0304e
26universal_variant       no
27use_parallel_build      no
28post-configure {
29    system "cd ${worksrcpath}/doc && patch < ${filespath}/patch_doc_makefile.diff"
30    system "cd ${worksrcpath} && patch < ${filespath}/patch_libtool.diff"
31    reinplace "s|@ARCH@|$build_arch|g" ${worksrcpath}/libtool