Ticket #22254: patch-tools-coq_makefile.ml4.diff

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  • tools/coq_makefile.ml4

    old new  
    163163    let ldir = List.assoc "." (List.map (fun (p,l,_) -> (p,l)) inc_r) in
    164164    let pdir = physical_dir_of_logical_dir ldir in
    165165    printf "\t(for i in $(%s); do \\\n" var;
    166     printf "\t install -D $$i $(COQLIB)/user-contrib/%s/$$i; \\\n" pdir;
     166    printf "\t install -d `dirname $(COQLIB)/user-contrib/%s/$$i`; \\\n\t install $$i $(COQLIB)/user-contrib/%s/$$i; \\\n" pdir pdir;
    167167    printf "\t done)\n"
    168168  with Not_found ->
    169169    (* Files in the scope of a -R option (assuming they are disjoint) *)
    172172        begin
    173173          let pdir' = physical_dir_of_logical_dir ldir in
    174174          printf "\t(cd %s; for i in $(%s%d); do \\\n" pdir var i;
    175           printf "\t install -D $$i $(COQLIB)/user-contrib/%s/$$i; \\\n" pdir';
     175          printf "\t install -d `dirname $(COQLIB)/user-contrib/%s/$$i`; \\\n\t install $$i $(COQLIB)/user-contrib/%s/$$i; \\\n" pdir' pdir';
    176176          printf "\t done)\n"
    177177        end) inc_r;
    178178    (* Files not in the scope of a -R option *)
    179179    printf "\t(for i in $(%s0); do \\\n" var;
    180     printf "\t install -D $$i $(COQLIB)/user-contrib/$(INSTALLDEFAULTROOT)/$$i; \\\n";
     180    printf "\t install -d `dirname $(COQLIB)/user-contrib/$(INSTALLDEFAULTROOT)/$$i`; \\\n\t install $$i $(COQLIB)/user-contrib/$(INSTALLDEFAULTROOT)/$$i; \\\n";
    181181    printf "\t done)\n"
    183183let install (vfiles,mlfiles,_,sds) inc =