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1# $Id$
3PortSystem          1.0
5name                dwarf
6version             0.3.0
7categories          sysutils
8platforms           darwin
9maintainers         Fernando Iazeolla <xnando@cryptolab.net>
10description         dwarf -- a little and powerful object file manipulation tool.
11long_description    dwarf-ng is a powerful object file manipulation tools in the spirit of gdb. with dwarf-ng you can read and edit all the file's section headers as well as the raw data. With dwarf-ng you can create and customize new file's header and it can be used as a compiler back-end to create executables/object files. dwarf-ng also permits to inject easily new headers and pieces of code/data into the file. dwarf-ng currently handles Raw, ELF (Elf32, Elf64), PE (Portable executables PE32, PE+) and Mach-O (os x executables 32&64bit) files format. In the future new files type will be added.
12homepage            http://code.google.com/p/dwarf-ng/
13master_sites        http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/dwarf-ng/
15checksums           md5     c67148b14cec1712732e0aa30e478726 \
16                    sha1    19a69424bd208741a325a4fc0e791a516c3bc8bc \
17                    rmd160  255040679c50046e6c1ecf5f3c806c886b3db573
19depends_lib         port:readline
20depends_build       port:flex \
21                    port:bison