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    Only in darwinports/doc/guide.old: xhtml
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    1717        something more advanced and realise all that power is there.</para>
    1919                <para>All key value pairs in a Portfile are single lines so line breaks
    20                 must be escaped with a back solidus '\'. </para>
     20                must be escaped with a back slash ('\'). </para>
    2121                <para>Variables syntax is ${foo} for the foo variant.</para>
    2222        <sect2>
    2323                        <title>Special characters</title>
    2424                        <para>As the Portfile is a TCL script certain charachters are
    2525                        "special". These have a special meaning in TCL and if you dont
    2626                        want that special meaning, they must be escaped. In general a
    27                         charachter is escaped using the back solidus '\'. The main
     27                        character is escaped using the back slash ('\'). The main
    2828                        characters you need to be careful with are
    2929                        <simplelist type="inline">
    3030                                        <member>$</member>
    361361                <programlisting><userinput>master_sites   http://www.somesite.org/files/ \
    362362               http://www.somemirror.org/somesite_org/files/</userinput></programlisting>
    364                                         <tip><para>Always put the trailing forward solidus at the
     364                                        <tip><para>Always put the trailing forward slash at the
    365365                                        end of a url, and remember to not include the filename
    366366                                        itself.</para></tip>
  • darwinports/doc/guide

    diff -u -d -b -r darwinports/doc/guide.old/xml/quick.xml darwinports/doc/guide/xml/quick.xml
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    389389      <para>It is possible to use predefined lists of mirror sites in
    390390        your <filename>Portfile</filename>, such as SourceForge or GNU
    391         mirrors.  A full list of mirror site types is available in
    392         Chapter 3, 'Fetch phase'.  The straight-forward usage is:</para>
     391        mirrors.  The straight-forward usage is:</para>
    394393      <programlisting>master_sites                sourceforge http://distfiles.opendarwin.org/
    395394master_sites.mirror_subdir  ${name}</programlisting>
     396      <para>In this example, <varname>sourceforge</varname> is the name
     397        of the mirror site list (See Chapter 3, 'Fetch Phase' for a list
     398        of all available mirror site lists),
     399        <varname>http://distfiles.opendarwin.org/</varname> is a normal
     400        <varname>master_sites</varname> URL, and
     401        <varname>${name}</varname> (the value of the
     402        <varname>name</varname> keyword in the
     403        <filename>Portfile</filename>) is the subdirectory to append to
     404        any mirror site lists specified.</para>
    397406      <para>This will search all of the mirror sites for SourceForge and
    398407        then http://distfiles.opendarwin.org, appending
    399408        <varname>${name}</varname> to the end of each SoureForge mirror
    400         site in the list, for example:</para>
     409        site in the list.  This example will try to fetch from:</para>
    402       <programlisting>http://us.dl.sourceforge.net/${name}
    403 ftp://us.dl.sourceforge.net/pub/sourceforge/${name}</programlisting>
     411      <programlisting>http://us.dl.sourceforge.net/${name}/
     416      <para>Note that the value of
     417        <varname>master_sites.mirror_subdir</varname> is
     418        <emphasis>not</emphasis> appended to
     419        <varname>http://distfiles.opendarwin.org/</varname>, this URL is
     420        treated normally.  In this example
     421        <varname>master_sites.mirror_subdir</varname> is a required
     422        key.</para>
    405424      <para>You can also use the mirror site lists in
    406425        <varname>patch_sites</varname> and use