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Initial commit of statistics collection Ruby on Rails app.

What is implemented as of this commit:

  • Accepts and stores submitted data (system information, installed ports)
  • Integrated ports and categories from mpwa along with port browsing and search
  • Seed database with all ports and categories (seeds.rb) - data comes from mpwa script
  • Displays charts regarding system information using google charts api
  • Raw dump of submitted active ports table - no charts yet
File size: 424 bytes
1class CreatePorts < ActiveRecord::Migration
2  def self.up
3    create_table :ports do |t|
4      t.string :name
5      t.string :path
6      t.string :version
7      t.text :description
8      t.string :licenses
9      t.integer :category_id
10      t.string :variants
11      t.string :maintainers
12      t.string :platforms
13      t.string :categories
15      t.timestamps
16    end
17  end
19  def self.down
20    drop_table :ports
21  end
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