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2# This is a log of major user-visible changes in each MacPorts release.
3# $Id: ChangeLog 26603 2007-06-30 05:43:20Z $
7Release 1.5 (unreleased):
9    - Many documentation updates and improvements, mostly thanks to Maun Suang and Brian
10      Campbell who both started work on both improving our man pages and reviving the
11      long forgotten MacPorts official guide, now nightly regen'd on an automated basis
12      and hosted at a temporary location,, all
13      thanks to Daniel J. Luke (dluke).
15    - Improve built-in "daemondo" program logging (jberry r26537 & r26569).
17    - rpm target now knows how to also build universal packages if requested (afb r26470).
19    - The "rpmpackage" target was renamed to "rpm", and a new target "srpm" added
20      that allows packaging a Portfile (and files/distfiles) up as a source package.
21      Upgraded RPM to version 4.4.9 and changed OpenDarwin/DarwinPorts to MacPorts.
22      The default build location is now ${prefix}/src/macports instead of ${prefix}/src/apple
23      (jmpp & afb in r26465, r26496, r26536, r26543).
25    - Fixed a potential crasher in the delete command (ticket #12149, eridius r26397).
27    - 'port delete --work' now removes $portbuiltpath instead of $workpath, effectively prunning
28      empty dirs that up until now were left behind in the build directory (jmpp r26394).
30    - gnustep portgroup for gnustep-make-2.0 (yves r26266).
32    - Adding backwards compatibility glue for clients of the public (darwin|mac)ports1.0 API
33      that use now deprecated procs naming (DarwinPorts namespace) (jmpp r26392).
35    - Merged the dp2mp-move branch into trunk to finally move away from all
36      DarwinPorts related strings and conventions both internally and externally,
37      implying big changes in MacPorts pathnames with respect to user visible stuff.
38      Read and
39 for
40      more full details and information (jmpp r26177).
42    - Fix livecheck to properly de-escape livecheck.url (eridius r26041).
44    - Add warning when it looks like PortIndex file is corrupt (eridius r26040).
46    - Make portindex use stderr for errors (eridius r26038, ticket #11585).
48    - Fix port variants calculation to properly account for negated variants and
49      to detect problems between required and negated variants
50      (ticket #11920, eridius r26036, patch by gwhitney).
52    - Add global methods lpush, lpop, lshift, and lunshift. Works similar to
53      lappend (in fact lpush is just lappend) and do what they sound like.
54      Also add ldindex. Works like lindex, but deletes the element from the list.
55      Documented in portfile.7 (eridius r26034).
57    - Add global methods try and throw. Implemented based on the specification
58      in TIP #89. Documented in portfile.7 (eridius r25979).
60    - Handle encodings properly now. All Portfiles and .conf files are assumed
61      to be utf-8, and reading them or calling portindex(1) should now work
62      the same on all locales (ticket #11978, eridius r25975).
64    - Add support for decoding of obscured maintainer addresses.
65      We support two types of obscured addresses in Portfile maintainers field:
66         (1) username ==> implies
67         (2) subdomain.tld:username ==> implies username@subdomain.tld
68      These are unobscured by port info, and by port submit during the submission process,
69      but are left obscured in the Portfile to avoid accidental disclosure.
70      (jberry r25795).
72    - Update port.1 to reflect what "port dependents" really does (markd r25787, ticket #11898).
74    - Distinguish a pseudo portname that evaluates to nothing from no arguments at all,
75      improving behavior of 'installed', 'active', 'list', and 'search' pseudo portnames.
76      (jberry in r25789, ticket #10674).
78    - Bugfix startup item generation so that launchd.plists are disabled
79      by default, as we claim they are in our documentation. (jberry r25785).
81    - Update adduser/addgroup to use dscl instead of niutil. Also add support
82      for realname key in addgroup (ticket #11012, eridius r25586).
84    - Make a correction to port(1)'s determination of whether or not a port has
85      been updated by making it compare ${version} and then ${revision} rather
86      than a single comparison of the compound ${version}_${revision}; the
87      latter reports 2.01_2 to be newer than 2.01.01a25_0 because, at the fifth
88      character, `_' comes after `.' in ASCII lexicographic order.
89      (boeyms in r25310)
91Release 1.4.42 (17-May-2007 tagged at r25296 by jberry):
93    - Fix reinplace, broken in 1.4.41 (eridius r25285).
95Release 1.4.41 (16-May-2007 tagged at r25266 by jberry):
97    - `port info` now supports new --index flag for using old behaviour (eridius r25256).
99    - `port info` now opens the Portfile and displays up-to-date information.
100      This allows information about variants to be displayed (eg. dependencies).
101      Also allow `port info` to default to current directory if no name is provided
102      (eridius r25255).
104    - Add -E flag to reinplace, does the same thing as in sed (eridius r25251).
106    - Add support for [nosync] flag in sources.conf to prevent a source from syncing
107      during a `port sync` or `port selfupdate` (eridius r25236).
108      Example: file:///Users/landonf/misc/MacPorts/dports [nosync]
110    - Updating a file: source via svn update during port sync now uses the uid/gid
111      of the owner of the working copy (eridius r25142).
113    - Make port(1) convert description and long_description from lists to
114      strings before printing to stdout; this enables the proper printing of
115      semi-colons, brackets and other characters by way of Tcl escape sequences.
116      The exceptions to this are the sequences for newline and carriage return
117      (these break the flatfile PortIndex format by introducing line breaks).
118      (boeyms r25110)
120    - Evaluate variants at dportopen instead of dportexec. This ensures that
121      the portfile represents the proper information if queried before targets
122      are executed. It also prevents variants from being executed twice if multiple
123      targets are executed separately on the portfile (ticket #11296, eridius r25033).
125    - Fix copy and move commands (eridius r25024).
127    - Passing multiple arguments to $option-delete now works as expected
128      (ticket #11929, eridius r25006).
130    - fs-traverse no longer follows symlinks specified on the root. This fixes
131      the incorrect behaviour of delete seen in #11862 (eridius r25003).
133    - Remove bundled xar. (jberry r24913).
135    - Tighten checking of port name in depspecs. neither + nor / is allowed.
136      (jberry r24929, r24934, r24940).
138    - Restore ability for portindex lines to contain carriage returns, allowing
139      fields such as descriptions to contain line breaks. Note that any portindex
140      containing such entries will not be readable by a recent version of macports.
141      (jberry r25146)
143    - Add support for descriptions on variants:
144         * The syntax follows the syntax for variant depends, etc.
145         * Descriptions for variants are entirely optional
146         * The change to the portindex format to allow variant descriptions
147           should be backwards compatible. Variant descriptions are stored,
148           keyed by the variant name, in a new portinfo array named "variant_desc".
150        Example:
152            variant myvariant description "This variant does this and that" {
153                configure.args-append   --do-this --do-that
154            }
156        (jberry r25147)
158    - Only look for, or create, ~/.macports user directory if the HOME environment
159      variable is defined. (jberry r25177)
162Release 1.4.40 (7-May-2007, tagged at r24909 by jberry):
164    - Note the bump in version naming. To leave ourselves lots of room in our versioning
165      scheme, we've jumped from 1.4.3 to 1.4.40. The floating point represenation as
166      reported by port version (1.440) will still be the same; we're just interpreting
167      it differently.
169    - variable tracing now works in a much better way and handles unsets properly.
170      Similarly, ${option}-delete now works better. Depends validation no longer
171      attempts to validate when the variable is unset. Additionally, the validation
172      now actually validates each depspec instead of simply finding a single spec
173      within the list that works (ticket #11868, eridius r24678).
175    - macports infrastructure now easier to use from scripts.
176      ui_prefix and ui_channels have default implementations, and
177      all arguments to dportinit are now optional (ticket #11837, eridius r24460).
179    - ln now accepts combined flags (ex. ln -sf foo bar) (eridius r24452)
181    - default_variants now handles multiple values correctly (ticket #11828, eridius r24450).
183    - ln uses new symlink command so it can create symlinks that point to
184      files that don't actually exist (eridius r24444).
186    - New bare-bones Pextlib command `symlink source target` (ticket #11840, eridius r24444).
188    - delete reimplemented using fs-traverse (eridius r24435).
190    - fs-traverse now uses the fts(3) family of functions instead of readdir/opendir.
191      This fixes a couple behavioral oddities, and makes deleting during traversal work on 10.3
192      (ticket #11839, eridius r24423).
194    - fs-traverse now takes a list of targets rather than a variable number of arguments
195      (ticket #11836, eridius r24410).
197    - Fixed a potential crasher in fs-traverse when showing error message
198      (ticket #11827, eridius r24396, thanks sfiera).
200    - Fixed a bug where livecheck failed on ports that do not define a homepage
201      (ticket #11818, pguyot r24319).
203    - Added the downloads section of our repo to the macports mirrors list (jmpp r24278).
205    - Fixed a bug with the archive mode introduced with r23238 change (1.4.1)
206      (pguyot r24273).
208    - Trace mode now take dependencies into account when executing the activate
209      phase. This fixes an unwanted warning when activating ports that depend
210      on teTeX (pguyot r24199).
212    - Support for mpwa submit through "port submit".
213      This work is in progress. (jberry)
214       - Expose autoconf XAR variable as portutil::autoconf::xar_path. (r24194).
215       - Start to build portpkg.xar and meta data, hijacking Kevin's
216         portsubmit.tcl. (r24195-24196).
218    - Revise error messages in port image activation to use syntax that
219      matches port(1). (jberry r24543, r24548).
221    - Create new interp variable prefix_frozen, which is available to port phases
222      even when the Portfile redefines prefix. (jberry r24848-r24849)
224    - Search for prefix-relative commands in prefix_frozen rather than prefix.
225      Affects port submit (xar) and port fetch (svn). (jberry r24849)
227    - Always create a ~/.macports user directory if it doesn't yet exist. (jberry r24831)
229    - Move port(1) readline history file to ~/.macports/history (jberry r24832, r24843)
231Release 1.4.3 (17-Apr-2007):
233    - Fix bug in launchd support, introduced in 1.4.2. Remove remnants of
234      launchd enable flag which caused reversion to systemstarter in 1.4.2.
235      (jberry r24151).
237    - add functions 'backup' and 'lipo' along with some description
238      to be used for lipo-based universal variants, tested with openssl.
239      These functions should be considered test only for the time being,
240      and should not yet be adopted widely by port authors.
241      (pipping r24148).
243Release 1.4.2 (16-Apr-2007):
245    - New logic for variants overload that basically yields to listing only
246      variant +universal on ports that redefine it (pguyot in 24100).
248    - Implement brand new fs-traverse command in Pextlib.
249      See portfile.7 for documentation (eridius in r24079, r24080, and r24112).
251    - Add per-user preferences in ~/.macports/user.conf. This will be used
252      for submitter information.
253      Simplify selection of ports.conf file:
254        - ~/.portsrc is no longer supported.
255        - Search order for ports.conf is now:
256            - PORTSRC
257            - ~/.macports/ports.conf
258            - ${prefix}/etc/ports.conf
259          Only the first file found will be parsed and used.
260       (jberry r24071, r24113, r24114)
262    - Improvements on livecheck: fixed a report bug, improved ruby group
263      default behavior (pguyot in r24026 and r24018)
265    - Remove xar from the build. xar doesn't build on panther due to
266      a libxml2 lib too old for xar requirements. We'll find another
267      way to deal with xar, perhaps by requiring users to install the
268      xar port when they need its services. (jberry r24107:r24108)
270    - Remove configure switch for building launchd support. (jberry r24107:r24108)
272    - Remove compatibility upgrade for conf files from
273      darwinports 1.1 to 1.2. (jberry r24106).
275Release 1.4.1 (14-Apr-2007):
277    - Add responsive, reasonably fast http mirrors to openbsd group
278      (pipping in r23343).
280    - Resolved ticket #11637: livecheck incorrectly assumed that
281      master_sites was set. (pguyot in r23329).
283    - Add xar 1.4 into the build of MacPorts base. xar is now installed
284      into /opt/local/, which will conflict with anybody who has the xar
285      port installed. (jberry in r23687).
287    - Add -I${prefix}/include -L${prefix}/lib to the default configure
288      flags (pguyot in r23246 and r23291).
290    - New options for configure flags (C|CPP|CXX|LD)FLAGS and logic to
291      handle that and backward compatibility (pguyot in r23098, r23125,
292      r23238, r23248 and r23249).
294    - "port sync" now updates svn repos too (eridius in r22784).
296    - Default +universal variant for configure-based ports (pguyot in
297      r22313).
299    - Fixed use of master_site in livecheck, added support for
300 checks, made the up to date message info (instead of
301      debug) and improved debugging output with livecheck (eridius in
302      r23888, r23889, r23890, r23894; pguyot in 23660)
304    - Fixed a bug where running port test would not install dependencies
305      when required. (pguyot in r23700)
307    - New ruby portgroup option to specify the name of the module for
308      gem-based ports. (pguyot in 23659)
310    - New fetch option to ignore the SSL certificate when fetching from
311      a secure site (default is to not ignore it). (pguyot in r23242)
313    - Bugfix #11720. Fixes for variants.conf functionality. (jberry in
314      r23967)
317Release 1.4 (26-March-2007):
319    - New gnupg mirrors list and general cleanups to varios other lists (pipping in r22979 through r22982,
320      r22999, r23000 & r23037).
322    - Python 2.4 & Python 2.5 group code now offer a "python.include" variable (mww in r22914 & r22953).
324    - Resolved ticket #7563: The Pextlib curl command now sends a user agent, set to
325      "MacPorts libcurl/[libcurl version]" (eridius in r22771).
327    - Resolved ticket #11417: No longer touch the dep map file when opening it for reading (eridius in r22769).
329    - Archivemode now supports both tbz2 & tbz binary archives naming variations (jmpp in r22584).
331    - Add new alias 'registry_active' for registry::active so portfiles can check if another port is
332      installed and activated (eridius in r22304).
334    - Built-in 'find' command now always expects an expression as its first argument (jkh in r22048).
336    - with_docs variant of GNUStep PortGroup ports now installs the latex2html port by default (yves in r22014).
338    - Add new 'touch' & 'ln' portfile writing commands, their usage being similar to their BSD equivalents,
339      along with 'move' and 'copy' shorthands for TCL's "file rename/copy" calls (eridius in r22007).
341    - Fix a dangerous bug in parsing filenames with spaces in the the 'delete' command, while reworking it
342      to no longer be a plain 'system "rm -rf <path>"' call (eridius in r22007).
344    - Checksum phase no longer deletes distfiles upon checksums mistmatch, eliminating "file not found"
345      errors when a second run is attempted, thus making the need for a "port clean --dist" call more
346      explicit before continuing (eridius in r21967).
348    - Stating an empty key value in a Portfile now correctly clears it, as expected (eridius in r21950 & r21951).
350    - Documentation updates to the ports.conf.5 and portfile.7 man pages (markd, jmpp and others I may
351      be forgetting, sorry 'bout that, in r21998, referencing tickets #4905, #6880 & #10840).
353    - /Applications/DarwinPorts --> /Applications/MacPorts migration in base for aqua ports
354      (rhwood in r21852 and r21853, but other commits to this effect were also applied to trunk/dports)
356    - New SourceForge mirrors redirector and a few fallback geographically distributed hardcoded ones
357      to prevent disaster from happening, as suggested by Ross Turk (jkh in r21143 & jmpp in r21768).
359    - GNUStep PortGroup improvements and full documentation in portgroup.7 (yves in r21764).
361    - Xcode GroupCode improvements to ensure builds always take place inside the work dir (eridius in r21762).
363    - New 'macports' mirrors list, with entries pointing to svn's /distfiles/<user> &
364      /distfiles/general directories in our repo (eridius & jmpp in r21621).
366    - Iterate in darwinports_fastload using glob instead of hardcoding the library names (eridius in r21585).
368    - New Python 2.5 GroupCode (mww in r21451).
370    - Set back to archive (from unarchive) (dluke in r21110).
372    - rubyforge_gem fetch method for the Ruby PortGroup & livecheck support
373      (pguyot in r20544 & r20834, respectively).
375    - Resolved ticket #10843 (and probably #8229): initialize the portinfo array each time to improve
376      'port deps' and 'port variats' output (jberry in r19992).
378    - Resolved ticket #10766: improve error when no current port is available (jberry in r19665).
380    - Resolved ticket #8723: better messages for port outdated (jberry in r19664).
383Release 1.3.2 (9-Aug-2006):
385    - Fixed a bug that prevented operation of port ed with some editors.
386      The env wasn't being properly restored for the editor. (jberry)
388    - Fixed a bug in the creation of the portf symlink. (jmpp)
390    - Fixed a bug where port upgrade -uf fails because of the dirty upgrade
391      code. (pguyot)
393    - Port no longer warns when a shared distfile directory is emptied by a
394      clean --dist or clean --all, it now prunes the directory instead. (pguyot)
396    - Gem method of ruby portgroup now destroots from the worksrcdir, thus
397      avoiding an unnecessary warning with -t. (pguyot)
399    - Tell ld to look into /usr/local/lib when building port. This solves a
400      problem occurring when a newer version of readline is installed in
401      /usr/local. (pguyot)
403    - Added gnustep portgroup support. (Bugzilla #8139) (yves)
405    - Avoid sending Pragma: no cache when fetching files. (Bugzilla #8669)
406      (josh_root, blb)
408    - Changed Makefile logic to reconfigure/regenerate files when templates
409      are modified. (pguyot)
411    - Trace now forbids renaming files and directories as well as removing
412      directories outside the sandbox. (pguyot)
414    - Allow additional inserted libraries by keeping DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES
415      variable. (pguyot)
417    - Change some UI strings and documentation to read MacPorts, rather than
418      DarwinPorts. The project is adopting the new name "MacPorts", and will
419      be using the domain in the future.
421Release 1.3.1 (31-Jul-2006):
423    - Fixed a bug in livecheck sourceforge guess algorithm. (pguyot)
425    - Fixed an incompatibility of darwintrace.c with MacOS X 10.3. Darwintrace.c
426      now also compiles on Linux. (pguyot)
428    - Fixed a bug introduced by a patch to the fetch code. Now, fetch target
429      can really deal with patch files even if the main fetch method is CVS or
430      SVN. (pguyot)
432    - Fixed a bug, introduced in 1.3, that prevented -f selfupdate from forcing
433      a build of the fetched sources. (jberry)
435    - Fixed a bug, introduced in 1.3, that prevented -u uninstall from working.
436      (jberry)
438    - Fixed a bug in xcode portgroup. One variable used by the group conflicted
439      with global variables in port base code. (pguyot)
441    - Added a new test case for a cvs+remote patch file bug. (pguyot)
443    - Added ruby gems support for ruby group. (rcavanaugh & pguyot)
445    - Trace now forbids creation of directories outside the sandbox. (pguyot)
447    - Additions to man page for port(1): (jberry)
448       * new port options -F, -i, -x, -p
449       * mention interactive and batch modes
450       * document extensions to info command.
452    - Archive mode is now disabled by default. (landonf)
454    - The upgrade target now properly detects and uses a matching binary
455      archive if found, an uninstall && install combination needed up till
456      now to pick it up. (jmpp)
458Release 1.3 (27-Jul-2006):
460    - Fixed a bug where only the first word of configuration settings (in
461      ports.conf) was processed. This bug affected the use of extra_env.
462      (Bugzilla #9948) (pguyot)
464    - Fixed a bug where environment variables governing proxy were not
465      capitalized properly. (blb & jberry)
467    - Fixed a bug where port outdated and port ugprade didn't work in direct
468      mode. (Bugzilla 7719, 7721) (dluke & jberry)
470    - Fixed several problems with iteration on ports. (jberry)
472    - Fixed a bug where curl LDFLAGS weren't properly propagated. (landonf)
474    - Fixed a bug where location update routine invoked when installing DP did
475      not take the DESTDIR variable into account. (jmpp)
477    - Fixed a bug where patchfiles specifications could not have suffixes to
478      indicate the master site. (pguyot)
480    - Fixed spelling in port(1) man page. (Bugzilla 8103) (pjenvey & jberry)
482    - Fixed a typo and another problem in messages generated by port command.
483      (Bugzilla 6706 & 6712) (deric & jmpp)
485    - Fixed a typo in ports.conf. (matt & jmpp)
487    - Fixed several problems with launchd support (Bugzilla 8372 & 10041)
488      (jberry)
490    - Fixed a bug preventing the use of libmd for checksums and added an
491      informative compilation error if libcrypto and libmd cannot be found.
492      (landonf)
494    - Fixed a bug where thread2.6 Tcl library wasn't installed where DP is
495      installed. (jmpp)
497    - Fixed a bug in xcode PortGroup which prevented the use of a custom
498      project path. (pguyot)
500    - Fixed a bug in xcode PortGroup which made destroot to fail when there
501      were spaces in the install path. (pguyot)
503    - Fixed a bug in portfetch.tcl which failed to fetch patches when using
504      CVS or SVN. (Bugzilla 5269) (yeled)
506    - Added new command 'delete' for use in Portfiles instead of
507      'file delete' and 'system "rm.."' (mww)
509    - Added more information to porthier(7) about ${prefix}/var/db/dports.
510      (olegb)
512    - Updated Gnome, KDE and SourceForge mirror lists. (Bugzilla 8045, 9152)
513      (rwhood, blb, olegb & pguyot)
515    - Check earlier if there is no Portfile in a directory (especially when
516      iterating). (jberry)
518    - Split livecheck into distcheck and livecheck. Added two regular expression
519      modes (one line, full file), set the default to check against freshmeat
520      and defined the default for perl5 group. (pguyot)
522    - Discover path to rsync at autoconf time. (jberry)
524    - Mark CVS, TAR, GNUTAR, and RSYNC as additional precious variables that can
525      be overridden in configure environment at time of configure to customize
526      the location of these tools. Note that these tools are not found in the dp
527      prefix, as PATH is sanitized of references to prefix. But you could
528      override the precious variables to acheive that if you really want to
529      shoot yourself. (jberry)
531    - Set timeouts for curl transfers.  Some connections to sketchy mirror sites
532      can hang forever otherwise. (jkh)
534    - Shortened the time to upgrade with archive mode on by using archive as the
535      target. (Bugzilla #7891) (dluke & jberry)
537    - Added support for sqlite 3. (jberry)
539    - Major update of the trace (-t) option (pguyot):
540      * backported changes from darwinbuild's version of darwintrace, including
541        several bug fixes.
542      * cleaned up the code.
543      * writing/creating and also unlinking a file outside allowed bounds are
544        now blocked instead of being simply reported (previous version only
545        reported creations).
546      * fixed a bug where -t failed with X11 ports because ${prefix} got
547        overwritten.
549    - Added new native commands to handle privileges chores. (jberry)
551    - Add batch/interactive mode. In interactive mode, use readline when it's available.
552      Command and portname completion is available in interactive mode, as is readline
553      history. (jberry) 2005-11-07,08
555        * Add new option -F <filename> which specifies a command file to be
556          read and processed. Multiple such options may be given to provide
557          multiple command files. If filename is "-", then stdin is read.
559        * Option -i is equivilant to -F -, which forces processing of standard
560          input following any commands given as arguments.
562        * If port is invoked as portf, an -F is assumed as an implicit first
563          argument (so the real first argument is taken as a command file to
564          be processed). This should allow the use of a shebang line such as:
565            #!/usr/bin/env portf
567        * Commands starting with # are treated as comments.
569        * Install a symbolic link /opt/local/bin/portf --> /opt/local/bin/port.
571        * New command "cd" is useful to change to a new directory/port while in
572          interactive/batch mode.
574        * Multiple commands on a single line may be separated by a ';'
576        * Global command options may now be specified following a particular
577          command; they will apply only to that command rather than to all
578          command invocations. This is important for batch/interactive mode.
580    - Add new option -p, which ignores errors while processing within a command.
581      (this subsumes some of the work that -f was previously overloaded to do).
582      (jberry).
584    - Add new option -x, which exits immediately on errors while in batch mode (
585      otherwise we don't exit on errors in batch mode). (jberry)
587    - Refactoring of port(1) to cast actions into distinct action procs. Adds
588      the new action_array which is used for action dispatch, and also to generate
589      the list of possible commands for help and command completion. (jberry)
591    - Initial version of portmirror binary to build a mirror of distfiles.
592      (pguyot)
594    - Improvements and fixes to the tests. (pguyot)
596    - Added a new option (checksum.skip=yes) to bypass the checksum phase. This
597      option is mostly useful on the command line to test older distfiles.
598      (jberry)
600    - Added dependencies for rpm on virtual packages representing releases of
601      MacOS X. (mww)
603    - Add to port the ability to query for specific meta-data fields.
604      For instance: port info --maintainer --name category:java
605      When specific fields are given, the legacy generalized info is not presented, and vis-versa.
606      By default, the fields for each port are listed one-per-line, with a field label
607      in front of each. (The field label is omitted if the global -q option is given).
608      If the --line option is given, the fields are presented on one line, tab separated,
609      and with no field label: port info --name --maintainer --line tomcat5 apache2
610      Field names are those from the PortIndex, plus some convenience versions of
611      those: (such as allowing category instead of categories).
612      Fields which are actually lists (such as depends_lib) are displayed comma-separated.
613      (jberry) 2006-02-16
615Release 1.2.1 (10-Apr-2006):
617    - Changes to darwinports build infrastructure to allow for build of
618      the darwinports infrastructure as a multiarchitecture binary.
619      This allows darwinports to be built as fat, but does nothing to
620      allow ports themselves to be built as fat. To build darwinports
621      fat, configure as follows:
622        ./configure CFLAGS='-arch ppc -arch i386' SHLIB_LDFLAGS='-arch ppc -arch i386'
623                                        backported from HEAD (jberry)
625    - Add a hack in order attempt to detect when a sourceforge mirror
626      is actually returning an error page. If this is detected, proceed
627      to the next mirror.               backported from HEAD (jberry)
629Release 1.2 (14-Dec-2005):
631    - Syntax change to disambiguate uses of the port's version on the command
632      line, when coupled with new changes to accept multiple ports.
633      The port version must now always be prefixed with an @. Example:
634        port uninstall vim @1.0
635      This probably only affects uninstall and activate, both of which
636      require a version if there are multiple versions installed.
638    - gzip-compress manpages that are in the share/man/cat? directories during
639      destroot, too. (mww)
641    - Enhance port command such that targets that require a port to be
642      specified will now all default to a port in current directory. (jberry)
644    - Enhance port command to allow multiple ports per invocation.
645      Where previously one said "port install porta; port install portb",
646      one can now say "port install porta portb". (jberry)
648    - Enhance port command to allow use of shell-like glob patterns for
649      port selection. When a glob pattern is found, the group of ports
650      matching the glob pattern is substituted. (jberry)
652    - Enhance port command to allow use of "pseudo" portnames to specify
653      groups of ports.
654      When one of these pseudo portnames is specified on the command line,
655      the corresponding group of ports is substituted.
657      Currently defined pseudo portnames are:
658        current, all, installed, uninstalled, active, inactive, outdated.
660      Additional pseudo portnames can be used to select ports based on a
661      regex pattern match against certain criteria. Each port selector is
662      a name, followed by a colon, followed by the desired regex pattern.
663      The selectors are:
664      variants:, variant:, description:, portdir:, homepage:, epoch:,
665      platforms:, platform:, name:, long_description:, maintainers:, maintainer:,
666      categories:, category:, version:, and revision: (jberry)
668    - Enhance port command to allow use of set expressions to combine
669      ports or groups of ports.
670      Supported operators are "and", "or", "not", "!", "(", ")". (jberry)
672    - Enhance port command to allow a port to be specified through a file:
673      url instead of via portname. This function was previously available
674      though the -D and -u options, which make less sense now that multiple
675      ports can be specified to a target. (jberry)
677    - Under Tiger, startupitems are now by default generated for launchd
678      rather than systemstarter. (jberry)
680    - Add new startupitem keys startupitem.executable, startupitem.logfile,
681      startupitem.logevents, startupitem.pidfile, supported for both
682      systemstarter and launchd. (jberry)
684    - New Test framework. Running make test from base/tests/ will test
685      several features of port(1) including syntax of Portfiles. New tests
686      can easily be added by simply creating new directories in base/tests/
687      with a Portfile and a master file containing the output of port test
688      in this directory. Some tests are actually more complex. These tests
689      require the port binary to be installed in ${prefix}. (pguyot)
691    - svn fetching support, parallel to cvs fetching. Note that
692      this is a bit skanky as svn is not installed on the platform by default.
693      This code will error-out if svn is not installed. (jberry)
695    - Removal of old "fetch.args" parameter now that all Portfiles have been
696      properly moved to leverage Paul's libcurl work (yeled)
698    - DP now sets its own env variables instead of filtering user declared
699      ones considered harmful (blb)
701    - "Canonicalization" of expanded path:${prefix}/foo:bar dependencies
702      when including them in the PortIndex for better abstraction (jberry/pguyot)
704    - Addition of the script that takes care of the automated
705      index thingie... (pguyot and jmpp)
707    - Miscellaneous cleanups:
708        - DP base is assured to respect a temporary DESTDIR installation and
709          other Makefile cleanups (toby, jmpp)
710        - s/--with-tclpackagedir/--with-tclpackage/g in autoconf error
711          reports (pguyot)
712        - fixes for the script (jkh)
714    - Some other fixes for lurking bugs, untapped by the various developments
715      that have taken place since 1.1 ("bunch of developers ;-);
717    - Snazzy new ChangeLog file
719    - Add new actions for port(1): help (get help about port),
720      echo (the expanded arguments),
721      cat (the contents of the Portfiles from the specified ports),
722      edit (also alias "ed", the contents of the Portfiles, using EDITOR or VISUAL),
723      dir (emit path to the port's directory),
724      file (emit path to the port's Portfile)
725      (jberry)
727    - On make install, upgrade ports.conf and sources.conf to change
728      to This is now our preferred rsync hostname.
729      Likewise, rename the rsync destination directories in ${prefix}/var/db/dports/sources
730      in a similar fashion (jberry)
733Release 1.1:
735    (information not here).
737Release 1.0:
739    (information not here).
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