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Last change on this file since 37080 was 37080, checked in by jkh@…, 12 years ago

This directory has always seemed naked somehow. This, at least, will allow
you to check the repo out and do something with it straight away (it also fixes
a peeve I have with initial setup in this admittedly less common case).

File size: 364 bytes
1PREFIX= /opt/local
2SRCS=   ${PREFIX}/etc/macports/sources.conf
4default: all
7        @(cd base; [ ! -f Makefile ] && ./configure ; make all)
9install: all
10        @(cd base; make install)
11        @if egrep -q ^rsync ${SRCS}; then \
12          echo file://`pwd`/dports/ >> ${SRCS}; \
13          sed -i .orig -e 's/^rsync/#rsync/' ${SRCS}; \
14          echo "${SRCS} automatically configured"; \
15        fi
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