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Switch to autoconf. This change is far reaching through the build architecture.
Detailed ChangeLog:

  • Added the following files:

base/ Renamed Makefile to
base/aclocal.m4: Local m4 macros. Currently only includes tcl.m4
base/tcl.m4: TEA && Tcl distribution macros with some local modifications
base/configure: configure script, generated from
base/ m4 used to generate base/configure
base/ install(1) replacement to appease autoconf
base/Mk/ Contains all autoconf AC_SUBST variables used.
base/Mk/ Standardized C extension building

  • Removed the following files:

base/Makefile: Renamed to
base/scripts/ Entirely replaced by autoconf

  • Modified the following files:

Makefile: Updated to execute configure script in base/, providing backwards compatibility. (Users expext to type "make").
base/src/cflib1.0/Makefile: Updated to use and use ${datadir} from
base/src/pextlib1.0/Makefile: Updated to use and use ${datadir} from
base/src/darwinports1.0/Makefile: Updated to use ${TCL_PACKAGE_DIR} from
base/src/port1.0/Makefile: Updated to use ${datadir} from
base/src/port1.0/resources/Makefile: Updated use ${datadir} from
base/src/port1.0/resources/package/Makefile: Updated to use ${datadir} from

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
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1SUBDIR= base
3all:: base/Makefile
6        @cd base && ./configure
8include base/Mk/
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