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Take bug 4700 off the todo list for 1.2, as Paul has fixed it. Thanks Paul!

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2#       $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.20 2005/10/20 17:31:55 jberry Exp $
4#       This is a log of major user-visible changes in each release
7ToDo Items for release 1.2:
9    - Add to port(1) manpage docs for new port(1) syntax. (Juan)
10    - Add to portfile(7) manpage docs for the new startupitem keys.
11        (James added some suggested text to bug #4905)
12    - Add to ports.conf(5) manpage docs on new startupitem_type option.
13        (James added some suggested text to bug #4905)
14    - Portfile(7) missing keywords: (???)
15    - Maybe: cvs/svn fetch w/ patches: (yeled?)
16    - Bug (anyone?)
17        (install from CVS or tarfile doesn't build dports directory and portindex)
19Release 1.2 (unreleased):
21        - Enhance port command such that targets that require a port to be
22          specified will now all default to a port in current directory. (jberry)
24        - Enhance port command to allow multiple ports per invocation.
25          Where previously one said "port install porta; port install portb",
26          one can now say "port install porta portb". (jberry)
28        - Enhance port command to allow use of shell-like glob patterns for
29          port selection. When a glob pattern is found, the group of ports
30          matching the glob pattern is substituted. (jberry)
32        - Enhance port command to allow use of "pseudo" portnames to specify
33          groups of ports.
34          When one of these pseudo portnames is specified on the command line,
35          the corresponding group of ports is substituted.
37          Currently defined pseudo portnames are:
38                current, all, installed, uninstalled, active, inactive, outdated.
40          Additional pseudo portnames can be used to select ports based on a
41          regex pattern match against certain criteria. Each port selector is
42          a name, followed by a colon, followed by the desired regex pattern.
43          The selectors are:
44          variants:, variant:, description:, portdir:, homepage:, epoch:,
45          platforms:, platform:, name:, long_description:, maintainers:, maintainer:,
46          categories:, category:, and revision: (jberry)
48        - Enhance port command to allow use of set expressions to combine
49          ports or groups of ports.
50          Supported operators are "and", "or", "not", "!", "(", ")". (jberry)
52        - Enhance port command to allow a port to be specified through a file:
53          url instead of via portname. This function was previously available
54          though the -D and -u options, which make less sense now that multiple
55          ports can be specified to a target. (jberry)
57        - Under Tiger, startupitems are now by default generated for launchd
58          rather than systemstarter. (jberry)
60        - Add new startupitem keys startupitem.executable, startupitem.logfile,
61          startupitem.logevents, startupitem.pidfile, supported for both
62          systemstarter and launchd. (jberry)
64        - New Test framework. Running make test from base/tests/ will test
65          several features of port(1) including syntax of Portfiles. New tests
66          can easily be added by simply creating new directories in base/tests/
67          with a Portfile and a master file containing the output of port test
68          in this directory. Some tests are actually more complex. These tests
69          require the port binary to be installed in ${prefix}. (pguyot)
71        - svn fetching support, parallel to cvs fetching. Note that
72          this is a bit skanky as svn is not installed on the platform by default.
73          This code will error-out if svn is not installed. (jberry)
75        - Removal of old "fetch.args" parameter now that all Portfiles have been
76          properly moved to leverage Paul's libcurl work (yeled)
78        - DP now sets its own env variables instead of filtering user declared
79          ones considered harmful (blb)
81        - "Canonicalization" of expanded path:${prefix}/foo:bar dependencies
82          when including them in the PortIndex for better abstraction (jberry/pguyot)
84        - Addition of the script that takes care of the automated
85          index thingie... (pguyot and jmpp)
87        - Miscellaneous cleanups:
88                - DP base is assured to respect a temporary DESTDIR installation and
89                  other Makefile cleanups (toby, jmpp)
90                - s/--with-tclpackagedir/--with-tclpackage/g in autoconf error
91                  reports (pguyot)
92                - fixes for the script (jkh)
94        - Some other fixes for lurking bugs, untapped by the various developments
95          that have taken place since 1.1 ("bunch of developers ;-);
97        - Snazzy new ChangeLog file
99        - Add new actions for port(1): help (get help about port),
100          echo (the expanded arguments),
101          cat (the contents of the Portfiles from the specified ports),
102          edit (also alias "ed", the contents of the Portfiles, using EDITOR or VISUAL),
103          dir (emit path to the port's directory),
104          file (emit path to the port's Portfile)
105          (jberry)
108Release 1.1:
110        (information not here).
112Release 1.0:
114        (information not here).
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