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Updated changelog with a documentation of all the differences between 1.2.1
and HEAD. (well, I hope so).

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2#       $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.28 2006/07/25 05:04:07 pguyot Exp $
4#       This is a log of major user-visible changes in each release
7Release 1.3 (unreleased):
9        - Fixed a bug where only the first word of configuration settings (in
10          ports.conf) was processed. This bug affected the use of extra_env.
11          (Bugzilla #9948) (pguyot)
13        - Fixed a bug where environment variables governing proxy were not
14          capitalized properly. (blb & jberry)
16        - Fixed a bug where port outdated and port ugprade didn't work in direct
17          mode. (Bugzilla 7719, 7721) (dluke & jberry)
19        - Fixed several problems with iteration on ports. (jberry)
21        - Fixed a bug where curl LDFLAGS weren't properly propagated. (landonf)
23        - Fixed a bug where location update routine invoked when installing DP did
24          not take the DESTDIR variable into account. (jmpp)
26        - Fixed a bug where patchfiles specifications could not have suffixes to
27          indicate the master site. (pguyot)
29        - Fixed spelling in port(1) man page. (Bugzilla 8103) (pjenvey & jberry)
31        - Fixed a typo and another problem in messages generated by port command.
32          (Bugzilla 6706 & 6712) (deric & jmpp)
34        - Fixed a typo in ports.conf. (matt & jmpp)
36        - Fixed several problems with launchd support (Bugzilla 8372 & 10041)
37          (jberry)
39        - Fixed a bug preventing the use of libmd for checksums and added an
40          informative compilation error if libcrypto and libmd cannot be found.
41          (landonf)
43        - Fixed a bug where thread2.6 Tcl library wasn't installed where DP is
44          installed. (jmpp)
46        - Fixed a bugs in xcode PortGroup which prevented the use of a custom
47          project path. (pguyot)
49        - Fixed a bugs in xcode PortGroup which made destroot to fail when there
50          were spaces in the install path. (pguyot)
52        - Added more information to porthier(7) about ${prefix}/var/db/dports.
53          (olegb)
55        - Updated Gnome, KDE and SourceForge mirror lists. (Bugzilla 8045, 9152)
56          (rwhood, blb, olegb & pguyot)
58        - Check earlier if there is no Portfile in a directory (especially when
59          iterating). (jberry)
61        - Split livecheck into distcheck and livecheck. Added regex checking options
62          and set the default to check against freshmeat. (pguyot)
64        - Discover path to rsync at autoconf time. (jberry)
66        - Mark CVS, TAR, GNUTAR, and RSYNC as additional precious variables that can
67          be overridden in configure environment at time of configure to customize
68          the location of these tools. Note that these tools are not found in the dp
69          prefix, as PATH is sanitized of references to prefix. But you could
70          override the precious variables to acheive that if you really want to
71          shoot yourself. (jberry)
73        - Set timeouts for curl transfers.  Some connections to sketchy mirror sites
74          can hang forever otherwise. (jkh)
76        - Shortened the time to upgrade with archive mode on by using archive as the
77          target. (Bugzilla #7891) (dluke & jberry)
79        - Added support for sqlite 3. (jberry)
81        - Major update of the trace (-t) option (pguyot):
82          * backported changes from darwinbuild's version of darwintrace, including
83            several bug fixes.
84          * cleaned up the code.
85          * writing/creating and also unlinking a file outside allowed bounds are
86            now blocked instead of being simply reported (previous version only
87            reported creations).
88          * fixed a bug where -t failed with X11 ports because ${prefix} got
89            overwritten.
91        - Added new native commands to handle privileges chores. (jberry)
93        - The interactive mode now uses readline. (jberry)
95        - Initial version of portmirror binary to build a mirror of distfiles.
96          (pguyot)
98        - Improvements and fixes to the tests. (pguyot)
100        - Added a new option (checksum.skip=yes) to bypass the checksum phase. This
101          option is mostly useful on the command line to test older distfiles.
102          (jberry)
104        - Added dependencies for rpm on virtual packages representing releases of
105          MacOS X. (mww)
107Release 1.2.1 (10-Apr-2006):
109        - Changes to darwinports build infrastructure to allow for build of
110          the darwinports infrastructure as a multiarchitecture binary.
111          This allows darwinports to be built as fat, but does nothing to
112          allow ports themselves to be built as fat. To build darwinports
113          fat, configure as follows:
114                ./configure CFLAGS='-arch ppc -arch i386' SHLIB_LDFLAGS='-arch ppc -arch i386'
115                                                                                backported from HEAD (jberry)
117        - Add a hack in order attempt to detect when a sourceforge mirror
118          is actually returning an error page. If this is detected, proceed
119          to the next mirror.                           backported from HEAD (jberry)
121Release 1.2 (14-Dec-2005):
123        - Syntax change to disambiguate uses of the port's version on the command
124          line, when coupled with new changes to accept multiple ports.
125          The port version must now always be prefixed with an @. Example:
126                port uninstall vim @1.0
127          This probably only affects uninstall and activate, both of which
128          require a version if there are multiple versions installed.
130        - gzip-compress manpages that are in the share/man/cat? directories during
131          destroot, too. (mww)
133        - Enhance port command such that targets that require a port to be
134          specified will now all default to a port in current directory. (jberry)
136        - Enhance port command to allow multiple ports per invocation.
137          Where previously one said "port install porta; port install portb",
138          one can now say "port install porta portb". (jberry)
140        - Enhance port command to allow use of shell-like glob patterns for
141          port selection. When a glob pattern is found, the group of ports
142          matching the glob pattern is substituted. (jberry)
144        - Enhance port command to allow use of "pseudo" portnames to specify
145          groups of ports.
146          When one of these pseudo portnames is specified on the command line,
147          the corresponding group of ports is substituted.
149          Currently defined pseudo portnames are:
150                current, all, installed, uninstalled, active, inactive, outdated.
152          Additional pseudo portnames can be used to select ports based on a
153          regex pattern match against certain criteria. Each port selector is
154          a name, followed by a colon, followed by the desired regex pattern.
155          The selectors are:
156          variants:, variant:, description:, portdir:, homepage:, epoch:,
157          platforms:, platform:, name:, long_description:, maintainers:, maintainer:,
158          categories:, category:, version:, and revision: (jberry)
160        - Enhance port command to allow use of set expressions to combine
161          ports or groups of ports.
162          Supported operators are "and", "or", "not", "!", "(", ")". (jberry)
164        - Enhance port command to allow a port to be specified through a file:
165          url instead of via portname. This function was previously available
166          though the -D and -u options, which make less sense now that multiple
167          ports can be specified to a target. (jberry)
169        - Under Tiger, startupitems are now by default generated for launchd
170          rather than systemstarter. (jberry)
172        - Add new startupitem keys startupitem.executable, startupitem.logfile,
173          startupitem.logevents, startupitem.pidfile, supported for both
174          systemstarter and launchd. (jberry)
176        - New Test framework. Running make test from base/tests/ will test
177          several features of port(1) including syntax of Portfiles. New tests
178          can easily be added by simply creating new directories in base/tests/
179          with a Portfile and a master file containing the output of port test
180          in this directory. Some tests are actually more complex. These tests
181          require the port binary to be installed in ${prefix}. (pguyot)
183        - svn fetching support, parallel to cvs fetching. Note that
184          this is a bit skanky as svn is not installed on the platform by default.
185          This code will error-out if svn is not installed. (jberry)
187        - Removal of old "fetch.args" parameter now that all Portfiles have been
188          properly moved to leverage Paul's libcurl work (yeled)
190        - DP now sets its own env variables instead of filtering user declared
191          ones considered harmful (blb)
193        - "Canonicalization" of expanded path:${prefix}/foo:bar dependencies
194          when including them in the PortIndex for better abstraction (jberry/pguyot)
196        - Addition of the script that takes care of the automated
197          index thingie... (pguyot and jmpp)
199        - Miscellaneous cleanups:
200                - DP base is assured to respect a temporary DESTDIR installation and
201                  other Makefile cleanups (toby, jmpp)
202                - s/--with-tclpackagedir/--with-tclpackage/g in autoconf error
203                  reports (pguyot)
204                - fixes for the script (jkh)
206        - Some other fixes for lurking bugs, untapped by the various developments
207          that have taken place since 1.1 ("bunch of developers ;-);
209        - Snazzy new ChangeLog file
211        - Add new actions for port(1): help (get help about port),
212          echo (the expanded arguments),
213          cat (the contents of the Portfiles from the specified ports),
214          edit (also alias "ed", the contents of the Portfiles, using EDITOR or VISUAL),
215          dir (emit path to the port's directory),
216          file (emit path to the port's Portfile)
217          (jberry)
219        - On make install, upgrade ports.conf and sources.conf to change
220          to This is now our preferred rsync hostname.
221          Likewise, rename the rsync destination directories in ${prefix}/var/db/dports/sources
222          in a similar fashion (jberry)
225Release 1.1:
227        (information not here).
229Release 1.0:
231        (information not here).
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