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2What's new:
4*) Revived and thoroughly refreshed web presence at , with more improvements still on the way;
5*) New project guide temporarily at ;
8Overview of Changes from MacPorts 1.5.2 to MacPorts 1.6.0:
10# For regular usage:
12*) Fixed the "upgrade" target of the port(1) command to properly handle installed versions beginning with letters;
13*) Improved the "variants" target of the port(1) command to behave like the "info" target to poll the requested Portfile directly
14    rather than the index for more up-to-date information, while also providing a --index flag for legacy behavior;
15*) Fixed a bug by which a user specific 'macports.conf' file would not be read;
16*) Tightened security by installing MacPorts in 0755 mode (no write permission for group and others) by default;
17*) Added 'none' as a possible option for supported types of startupitems scripts;
18*) Disabled readline support in interactive mode of the port(1) command by deafult;
19*) Fixed a bug by which the "variants" target of the port(1) command would spit out an error backtrace to the terminal when no match
20    was found for the requested port;
22# Individual port-building related improvements:
24*) Eugene Pimenov's GSoC2007 work on improving "trace mode" for the building of ports in clean environments,
25 ;
26*) Added 'bsdmake' and 'gnumake' defaults for building ports on the FreeBSD and Linux platforms;
27*) Added 'configureccache' and 'configuredistcc' configuration options to the main 'macports.conf' for distributed
28    builds (defaulting to no);
29*) Improved building of configure-based universal ports on Leopard;
30*) Fixed a bug by which the 'universal' variant would disappear if a 'macosx' variant was selected;
31*) Added a 'macosx_deployment_target' option to the main 'macports.conf' file for ports that benefit form this Mac OS X specific flag;
32*) Added a 'configurepipe' option to the main 'macports.conf' file for using pipes rather than intermediate files when compiling C/C++
33    based ports;
34*) Removed LD_PREBIND & LD_PREBIND_ALLOW_OVERLAP variables from MacPorts' environment to prevent prebinding of binaries, which can be harmful
35    on Tiger and above;
38# Packaging related improvements:
40*) Created pkg's no longer have /etc, /var/ or /tmp directories in them;
41*) Fixed a bug by which all .mpkg packages were missing their welcome page;
42*) Fixed a bug by which HTML contents were written as a pkg's Welcome.rtf file, causing it to not display at all;
43*) Made the homepage clickable in a pkg's welcoming screen;
44*) Added support lzma compression for archives;
45*) Improved pkg & dmg creation on Leopard, for both Intel and PowerPC platforms;
46*) Added an 'mdmg' target, for the creation of a dmg for a port and its dependencies;
47*) Dramatically improved performace of the port(1) command's Portfile level actions like "file", "dir", "work" and "url"
50# For Portfile writers:
52*) Added more compiler suites as options to the 'configure.compiler' Portfile option;
53*) Added 'configure.fflags' 'configure.fcflags' 'configure.f90flags' Portfile options for Fortran based ports;
54*) Added 'configure.javac' and 'configure.classpath' Portfile options for Java ports;
55*) Added 'configure.objc' 'configure.objcflags' Portfile options for Objective-C based ports;
56*) Added 'build.nice' and '' Portfile options for parallel builds and build prioritizing;
57*) Added 'startupitem.netchange' boolean flag Portfile option for generated startup scripts;
58*) Added a "lint" target to the port(1) command, for Portfile verification and beautification;
59*) Added Portfile group code for Python 3.0 based ports and deprecated the plain 'python' group code;
60*) Added generic GNU livecheck rules;
61*) The "x86" platform has been normalized as "i386";
62*) Added a 'use_parallel_build' Portfile option for declaring if a particular port can be built in paralel through make's -j flag,
63    defaulting to no;
64*) Added 'configure.awk', 'configure.bison', 'configure.pkg_config', 'configure.pkg_config_path' Portfile options to point to the
65    relevant programs/paths to use;
66*) Added a 'extract.mkdir' Portfile option to better deal with so-called "tar bombs";
67*) Added a 'configure.pipe' Portfile option for using pipes rather than intermediate files when compiling C/C++ based ports;
70# For MacPorts scripting:
72*) Moved the 'ui_isset' and 'global_option_isset' Tcl procedures for testing of the UI and global options to the macports1.0 API
73    sparing its clients from having to implement them;
74*) Improved defaults for implicit ui_prefix and ui_channels behaviour at the macports1.0 layer;
77# Miscellaenous:
79*) Added MacPorts-configure time checks for Mac OS X and Xcode versions and warnings for old versions;
80*) Added a 'user-agent' parameters to our libcurl based fetching of sources for sites that require a user agent;
81*) 'livecheck' regular expressions are now checked against each entry in the listed master_site in the Portfile;
82*) Fixed regexp in livecheck code to work when there is both a tag and a subdir in the mirror uri;
83*) Improved the integrated "daemondo" program to better handle the death of startupitem-based programs;
84*) Added a "--restart-wait=n" argument to the integrated "daemondo" program to control the number of seconds to wait during restart of
85    the process it is monitoring, defaulting to 3;
86*) Enabled building of our objc bridge against GNUStep on platforms other than Mac OS X;
87*) Added support for packing of MacPorts itself on FreeBSD and Fedora platforms;
88*) Added to our list of SourceForge based mirrors for sources fetching;
89*) Added http mirror sites for the postgresql mirrors list;
90*) Added the mirror to the GNU mirrors list;
91*) Fixed a bug by which paths with embedded spaces would cause the "dp2mp-move" upgrade code to fail when trying to find user specific
92    'macports.conf' files;
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