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NEWS - update for interesting items in 1.7.0

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2== Overview of changes from MacPorts 1.6.0 to 1.7.0 ==
4# For regular users:
6*) The resources directory (containing port group information and the mirror sites) has been moved into the ports tree, so a new MacPorts release is no longer needed to update these items
7*) The error message from 'port upgrade outdated' when no ports are outdated is much improved
8*) Improvement on handling of MacPorts configuration files (global and user-defined options)
9*) Case-insensitive issues have been fixed
10*) 'port help' is improved
11*) The MacPorts mirror,, is automatically checked when the normal sites fail to respond
12*) The search command of port now searches the name, description, and long_description fields
13*) Numerous improvements to dependency handling
14*) Work around a bug in 10.5's Tcl environment handling
15*) Fetching distfiles now tries to ping all mirror sites first in an attempt to pick the best source
16*) A new option was added to uninstall: --recursive
17*) The output for the port commands info, deps, dependents, and search has been improved
18*) Two new options to selfupdate: --pretend and --nosync
19*) A platform command has been added to port to display your platform information
20*) A suitable message is output when the requested port is not installed when polling its dependents;
21*) Fixed the "Error: Unable to open port: invalid command name "ui_prefix"" runtime error on Panther;
22*) Fixed the "Error: Unable to open port: invalid command name "ui_channels"" runtime error on Panther;
23*) Fixed a MacPorts, Panther specific build failure due to missing sqlite headers on that platform;
24*) Fixed a MacPorts build failure when building itself in universal fashion;
27# For Portfile writers:
29*) ruby port group adds a new parameter to ruby.setup for multiple ruby version support
30*) New use_dmg option allows DMG-format distfiles
31*) ruby.setup (part of the ruby port group) now takes a fetch type
32*) git has been added as a valid fetch.type
33*) On Mac OS X, MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is now always set to workaround various issues
34*) Several universal-specific variables added to the configure.* group
35*) A merge function is now available for easier merging of multiple architectures for universal support
36*) Pre-fabricated statements with correct checksums are output when in verbose mode if the existing ones in the Portfile are incorrect;
37*) "port lint" now recognizes non-canonical modelines;
38*) Added a 'configure.pipe' Portfile option for using pipes rather than intermediate files when compiling C/C++ based ports;
42== Overview of changes from MacPorts 1.5.2 to 1.6.0 ==
44# For regular usage:
46*) Revived and thoroughly refreshed web presence at , with more improvements still on the way;
47*) New project guide at
48*) Fixed the "upgrade" target of the port(1) command to properly handle installed versions beginning with letters;
49*) Improved the "variants" target of the port(1) command to behave like the "info" target to poll the requested Portfile directly
50    rather than the index for more up-to-date information, while also providing a --index flag for legacy behavior;
51*) Fixed a bug by which a user-specific 'macports.conf' file would not be read;
52*) Tightened security by installing MacPorts in 0755 mode (no write permission for group and others) by default;
53*) Added 'none' as a possible option for supported types of startupitems scripts;
54*) Disabled readline support in interactive mode of the port(1) command by deafult;
55*) Fixed a bug by which the "variants" target of the port(1) command would spit out an error backtrace to the terminal when no match
56    was found for the requested port;
57*) Revamped the "postflight" script that takes care of setting a MacPorts-compatible shell environment after installation from our
58    "pkg" is complete; it now gracefully handles the addition of PATH, MANPATH and DISPLAY environment variables separately and only
59    if strictly needed, properly backing up appropriate shell configuration files before proceeding to modify them
60    ( for more information);
63# Individual port-building-related improvements:
65*) Eugene Pimenov's GSoC2007 work on improving "trace mode" for the building of ports in clean environments,
66 ;
67*) Added 'bsdmake' and 'gnumake' defaults for building ports on the FreeBSD and Linux platforms;
68*) Added 'configureccache' and 'configuredistcc' configuration options to the main 'macports.conf' for distributed
69    builds (defaulting to no);
70*) Improved building of configure-based universal ports on Leopard;
71*) Fixed a bug by which the 'universal' variant would disappear if a 'macosx' variant was selected;
72*) Added a 'macosx_deployment_target' option to the main 'macports.conf' file for ports that benefit form this Mac OS X specific flag;
73*) Added a 'configurepipe' option to the main 'macports.conf' file for using pipes rather than intermediate files when compiling C/C++
74    based ports;
75*) Removed LD_PREBIND & LD_PREBIND_ALLOW_OVERLAP variables from MacPorts' environment to prevent prebinding of binaries, which can be harmful
76    on Tiger and above;
79# Packaging-related improvements:
81*) Created pkg's no longer have /etc, /var/ or /tmp directories in them;
82*) Fixed a bug by which all .mpkg packages were missing their welcome page;
83*) Fixed a bug by which HTML contents were written as a pkg's Welcome.rtf file, causing it to not display at all;
84*) Made the homepage clickable in a pkg's welcoming screen;
85*) Added support for lzma compression for archives;
86*) Improved pkg & dmg creation on Leopard, for both Intel and PowerPC platforms;
87*) Added an 'mdmg' target, for the creation of a dmg for a port and its dependencies;
88*) Dramatically improved performace of the port(1) command's Portfile level actions like "file", "dir", "work" and "url"
91# For Portfile writers:
93*) Added more compiler suites as options to the 'configure.compiler' Portfile option;
94*) Added 'configure.fflags' 'configure.fcflags' 'configure.f90flags' Portfile options for Fortran based ports;
95*) Added 'configure.javac' and 'configure.classpath' Portfile options for Java ports;
96*) Added 'configure.objc' 'configure.objcflags' Portfile options for Objective-C based ports;
97*) Added 'build.nice' and '' Portfile options for parallel builds and build prioritizing;
98*) Added 'startupitem.netchange' boolean flag Portfile option for generated startup scripts;
99*) Added a "lint" target to the port(1) command, for Portfile verification and beautification;
100*) Added Portfile group code for Python 3.0 based ports and deprecated the plain 'python' group code;
101*) Added generic GNU livecheck rules;
102*) The "x86" platform has been normalized as "i386";
103*) Added a 'use_parallel_build' Portfile option for declaring if a particular port can be built in parallel through make's -j flag,
104    defaulting to no;
105*) Added 'configure.awk', 'configure.bison', 'configure.pkg_config', 'configure.pkg_config_path' Portfile options to point to the
106    relevant programs/paths to use;
107*) Added a 'extract.mkdir' Portfile option to better deal with so-called "tar bombs";
110# For MacPorts scripting:
112*) Moved the 'ui_isset' and 'global_option_isset' Tcl procedures for testing of the UI and global options to the macports1.0 API
113    sparing its clients from having to implement them;
114*) Improved defaults for implicit ui_prefix and ui_channels behaviour at the macports1.0 layer;
117# Miscellaneous:
119*) Added MacPorts-configure time checks for Mac OS X and Xcode versions and warnings for old versions;
120*) Added a 'user-agent' parameters to our libcurl-based fetching of sources for sites that require a user agent;
121*) 'livecheck' regular expressions are now checked against each entry in the listed master_site in the Portfile;
122*) Fixed regexp in livecheck code to work when there is both a tag and a subdir in the mirror uri;
123*) Improved the integrated "daemondo" program to better handle the death of startupitem-based programs;
124*) Added a "--restart-wait=n" argument to the integrated "daemondo" program to control the number of seconds to wait during restart of
125    the process it is monitoring, defaulting to 3;
126*) Enabled building of our objc bridge against GNUStep on platforms other than Mac OS X;
127*) Added support for packing of MacPorts itself on FreeBSD and Fedora platforms;
128*) Added to our list of SourceForge-based mirrors for sources fetching;
129*) Added http mirror sites for the postgresql mirrors list;
130*) Added the mirror to the GNU mirrors list;
131*) Fixed a bug by which paths with embedded spaces would cause the "dp2mp-move" upgrade code to fail when trying to find user-specific
132    'macports.conf' files;
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