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Use mtree to populate the directory hierarchy, also making sure that
permissions are correct. Switch group to admin as default and set permissions
so that users no longer have to be root in order to install ports. Make
sure the ports infrastructure uses it as well as the dports infrastructure,
so things continue to work even if they're decoupled.

Commit first part of master_sites stuff, next part to follow.

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
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1PREFIX?=        /opt/local
2ETCDIR=         /etc/ports
3MAN7=           portfile.7 portstyle.7
4DSTUSR?=        root
5DSTGRP?=        wheel
7all: portfile.7.gz portstyle.7.gz
9portfile.7.gz: portfile.7
10        gzip -cn portfile.7 > portfile.7.gz
12portstyle.7.gz: portstyle.7
13        gzip -cn portstyle.7 > portstyle.7.gz
16        rm -f portfile.7.gz portstyle.7.gz
18        mkdir -p /etc/defaults
19        mkdir -p ${ETCDIR}
20        mtree -U -f prefix.mtree -d -e -p ${PREFIX} > /dev/null
21        @if [ ! -e ${ETCDIR}/ports.conf ]; then \
22                set -x; \
23                install -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 644 ports.conf ${ETCDIR}; \
24        fi
26        @if [ ! -e ${ETCDIR}/sources.conf ]; then \
27                set -x; \
28                install -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 644 sources.conf ${ETCDIR}; \
29        fi
30        install -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 644 prefix.mtree ${ETCDIR}
31        install -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 644 ports.conf.default /etc/defaults/ports.conf
32        install -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 444 portfile.7.gz ${PREFIX}/man/man7
33        install -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 444 portstyle.7.gz ${PREFIX}/man/man7
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