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Last change on this file since 26177 was 26177, checked in by jmpp@…, 13 years ago

Finally merging the dp2mp-move branch into trunk, woot!

This basically means all strings in our sources,
whether it's something we output to the user or something
internal, such as a function/proc naming, are entirely in
the macports namespace and we no longer mix darwinports
with apple with macports strings.

It also means we now have new paths in svn and on
the client side at installation time, added to a
cleaner structure under ${prefix}/var/. Read
for more information.

NOTE: This commit also marks the rsync server finally
being moved over to the macosforge boxes, with the new
layout outlined in the dp2mp-move branch in place.
DNS entries still point to the old rsync server for
macports, however, so sync'ing/selfupdating an installation
based on these sources will be temporarily broken
until dns refresh.

To developers and testers, please do test the upgrade
target in the main base/Makefile as thouroughly as
possible and report any bugs/shortcomings/unexpected_behavior
to me, thanks!

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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1# All ports must have the "svn:keywords : Id" and "svn:eol-style : native"
2# svn props set on them and start with a commented out Id tag, which
3# the server will expand:
4# $Id: Portfile 26177 2007-06-15 10:11:22Z $
6# Following that comes the PortSystem declaration:
7# PortSystem <version>
8# where version is the version of the ports system your port relies upon.
9# This can NOT be commented out.
10PortSystem 1.0
12# The name of the port
13name            glib2
15# Its version information
16version       2.12.11
18# Categories and identifying keywords
19categories      devel
21# Email address(es) of the port's Maintainer(s)
24# A short description of this port
25description     Library with data structure functions and other constructs
27# A long description, with more details
28long_description      Glib is a library which includes support routines for \
29                      C, such as lists, trees, hashes, memory allocation, and \
30                      many other things.
32# Homepage for the port:
35# Master download sites for port's distribution file(s)
36master_sites \
37                gnome:sources/glib/2.12
39# Name of the distribution file, minus extract suffix (see below)
40distname        glib-${version}
42# (Optional) Explicitly set suffix (default: .tar.gz)
43#extract.suffix .tar.bz2
45# (Optional) Use bzip2 instead of gzip for uncompressing distribution file
46use_bzip2       yes
48# List of checksums for files to be fetched
49# <file name> <checksum type> <checksum>
50checksums       ${distname}${extract.suffix} md5 077a9917b673a9a0bc63f351786dde24 \
51                ${distname}${extract.suffix} sha1 02d344295ddaeafeec6bc6824b71e12bbf1b0394 \
52                ${distname}${extract.suffix} rmd160 8680d27e630643e6653d88537907d06e3ba6e91a
54# Any patches which should be applied after extracting this port.  These
56# should go in the files/ subdirectory of the port.
57patchfiles patch-glib__gutils.c
59# Dependencies are defined by three settings:
60#    depends_lib:       installed at build time and at install time
61#    depends_run:       installed at install time
62#    depends_build:     installed at build time
64#    These options accept a list of depspecs. Depspecs are ':' delimited three
65#    value lists of type:match:portname. The following types are supported:
67#       lib     - The lib type requires the match argument in the
68#                   format <libraryname>.<major version>
69#       bin     - The bin type requires the match argument to be the full
70#                   executable name
71#       <path>  - If a full path is specified as the type, the math argument
72#                   must be a complete regexp.
73#       portname must be the name of a valid port to build and install
74#       if the depspec is not matched.
75#       An alternative dependency depspec is the port:<portname> syntax,
76#       used when you want to insure the given dependency is satisfied
77#       exclusively by MacPorts.
78depends_build       port:pkgconfig
79depends_lib         port:gettext
81# The type of configuration script this port uses.
82#configure.type     gnu
84# A list of configuration time arguments you might want to pass to the configure script:
85configure.args   --mandir=${prefix}/share/man
87# The directory name of the subdirectory of work/ where this port extracts
88#worksrcdir     glib
90# Alternative ways to build the port, packed as 'variants'
91variant puredarwin { depends_run bin:perl:perl5.8 }
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