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1# Set the directory in which to install ports
2prefix                  @prefix_expanded@
4# Where to store DarwinPorts working data
5portdbpath              @localstatedir_expanded@/db/dports
7# Type of storage to use for the port registry information, "flat" or "sqlite"
8# NOTE: sqlite not yet supported.
9portdbformat            flat
11# Type of installation to do for ports, "direct" or "image".  See ports.conf(5) and online documentation.
12portinstalltype         image
14# Directory containing the X11 installation.
15x11prefix               /usr/X11R6
17# Where to find the sources list.
18sources_conf            @PORTCONFIGDIR_EXPANDED@/sources.conf
20# Where to find global variants definition file (optional)
21variants_conf           @PORTCONFIGDIR_EXPANDED@/variants.conf
23# Create and use binary archive packages for installation/reinstallation ease
24portarchivemode         yes
26# Where to store/retrieve ports binary archive files
27portarchivepath         @localstatedir_expanded@/db/dports/packages
29# Type of binary archive packages to create when using archive mode
31# Note: Multiple types ARE allowed and must be a colon or comma
32# separated list of choices (NO spaces). Use of multiple types will
33# cause archive creation to build all the specified types in one step.
34# Unarchive uses multiple types as a search list to locate the archive,
35# first archive to match one of the specified types in order is used.
37# Supported types: tgz (default), tar, tbz2, xar, zip, cpgz, cpio
38portarchivetype         tgz
40# Set whether to automatically execute "clean" after "install" of ports
41portautoclean           yes
43# Rsync server to use
46# Rsync directory from which to pull the base/ component (infrastructure) of DP
47rsync_dir                       dpupdate1/base/
49# Rsync options
50rsync_options           "-rtzv --delete --delete-after"
52# Options for generated startup items
53# startupitem_type may be "default", "systemstarter", or "launchd";
54# if the option is empty or "default" then a startupitem type appropriate
55# to the platform will be chosen. Tiger will default to launchd, while
56# older mac ox X systems will default to systemstarter.
57startupitem_type        default
59# Extra environment variables to keep. Any variables listed here are added
60# to the list of variables that are not removed from the environment used
61# while processing ports
62# extra_env                     KEEP_THIS THIS_TOO
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