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[70792]4$Id: pubkeys.conf.5.txt 134983 2015-04-12 20:57:05Z $
[134983]8pubkeys.conf - public key configuration file of the MacPorts system
[134983]12*pubkeys.conf* is the configuration file used by the MacPorts system to locate
13the public keys used to verify the integrity and authenticity of
[134983]15- the tree of port definitions,
16- downloaded pre-built binary archives, and
17- MacPorts updates.
[134983]19The file is read by the *port* command. Lines beginning with '#' are comments,
20empty lines are ignored. All other lines must contain absolute paths of
21PEM-encoded RSA public keys for use by OpenSSL.
[134983]23MacPorts comes pre-configured with its official public key. The authenticity of
24the public key file is provided by the MacPorts installer, which is
25cryptographically signed with an Apple Developer ID of one of the MacPorts
26developers. Unless you want to provide your own separate ports tree or your own
27pre-built binary archives, there is no need to modify the *pubkeys.conf* file.
32    Standard system-wide MacPorts public key configuration file.
[134983]34User-specific configuration of public keys is not supported.
[134983]38man:port[1], man:macports.conf[5]
[134971]42  (C) 2015 The MacPorts Project
43  Clemens Lang <>
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