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Document the new Norwegian mirror in the relevant config files.

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1#  MacPorts system wide sources configuration file
2#  $Id: sources.conf 41379 2008-11-01 05:49:19Z $
4#  To setup a local ports repository, insert a "file://" entry following
5#  the example below that points to your local ports directory:
6#  Example: file:///Users/landonf/misc/MacPorts/ports
8#  To prevent a source from synchronizing when `port sync` is used,
9#  append [nosync] at the end as shown in this example:
10#  Example: file:///Users/landonf/misc/MacPorts/ports [nosync]
12#  NOTE: The port command parses source URLs in order and installs the
13#        first occurrance when a port appears in multiple repositories.
14#        So keep "file://" URLs above other URL types.
17#  To get the ports tree from the master MacPorts server in California, USA use:
18#      rsync://
19#  To get it from the mirror in Trondheim, Norway use:
20#      rsync://
21#  A current list of mirrors is available at
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