source: trunk/base/src/cflib1.0/

Last change on this file was 118562, checked in by cal@…, 7 years ago

base: remove all references to macports_tcl_dir, install Tcl packages in TCL_PACKAGE_PATH directly, fixes #43208

This completely removes the need for macports_fastload.tcl and all the other
hacks that MacPorts has been using to locate its own packages (such as appending
to $auto_path during mportinit and preloading some packages).

Note: ${TCL_PACKAGE_PATH}/macports1.0 previously was a symlink and now is
a directory. When the symlink isn't removed before trying to create the
directory, this causes a failure. The Makefile now ensures this doesn't happen,
but I don't know what installer(8) will do in this case. This means we might
have to add delete the symlink in installer preflight.

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
File size: 253 bytes
1srcdir = @srcdir@
2VPATH  = @srcdir@
4include ../../Mk/
6OBJS=           CFLib.o
8LIBS+=          -framework CoreFoundation
11include $(srcdir)/../../Mk/
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