source: trunk/base/src/cflib1.0/Makefile @ 13738

Last change on this file since 13738 was 2809, checked in by ssen, 17 years ago

1) Don't include We don't need it anymore
2) Use $(INSTALL) -d instead of mkdir -p
3) Use $(SILENT) instead of "@" to make quiet execution. You can

override SILENT= on the make command line

4) Don't do sed on prefix.mtree before applying via mtree

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
File size: 208 bytes
1OBJS=           CFLib.o
3LIBS+=          -framework CoreFoundation
4INSTALLDIR= ${DESTDIR}${datadir}/darwinports/Tcl/cflib1.0
6include ../../Mk/
7include ../../Mk/
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