source: trunk/base/src/darwintracelib1.0/Makefile @ 13378

Last change on this file since 13378 was 13378, checked in by pguyot (Paul Guyot), 15 years ago

Fixed a problem introduced with latest commit (-t would no longer work).
darwintrace now reports full paths (but not normalized) using getcwd (which
calls open, btw) and no longer reports directories (thus we don't have the
additional entries created by calls to getcwd).
Added a new feature of -t: tracking created files outside work (except during
install and activate targets). This is not complete (only open is patched) and
still experimental.
Experimental work on getting all the output of darwintrace. The last lines are
sometimes lost.

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
File size: 235 bytes
1OBJS=           darwintrace.o
2SHLIB_NAME=     darwintrace${SHLIB_SUFFIX}
3INSTALLDIR= ${DESTDIR}${datadir}/darwinports/Tcl/darwintrace1.0
7include ../../Mk/
8include ../../Mk/
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