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Lets assure all our Makefiles respect a temporary ${DESTDIR} installation.
Also some minor cleanups here and there.

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
File size: 381 bytes
[6118]1SUBDIR=         package fetch group
[2620]2INSTALLDIR=     ${DESTDIR}${datadir}/darwinports/resources/port1.0/
[2770]5include ../../../Mk/
6include ../../../Mk/
[9814]9        $(INSTALL) -d -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m ${DSTMODE} ${INSTALLDIR}
[2842]10#       $(SILENT)set -x; for file in ${RSRCS}; do \
11#               $(INSTALL) -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 444 $$file ${INSTALLDIR}; \
12#       done
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