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Last change on this file since 42662 was 26177, checked in by jmpp@…, 13 years ago

Finally merging the dp2mp-move branch into trunk, woot!

This basically means all strings in our sources,
whether it's something we output to the user or something
internal, such as a function/proc naming, are entirely in
the macports namespace and we no longer mix darwinports
with apple with macports strings.

It also means we now have new paths in svn and on
the client side at installation time, added to a
cleaner structure under ${prefix}/var/. Read
for more information.

NOTE: This commit also marks the rsync server finally
being moved over to the macosforge boxes, with the new
layout outlined in the dp2mp-move branch in place.
DNS entries still point to the old rsync server for
macports, however, so sync'ing/selfupdating an installation
based on these sources will be temporarily broken
until dns refresh.

To developers and testers, please do test the upgrade
target in the main base/Makefile as thouroughly as
possible and report any bugs/shortcomings/unexpected_behavior
to me, thanks!

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1# MacPorts system wide configuration file, tests module
2# $Id: test-macports.conf 26177 2007-06-15 10:11:22Z $
4# Set the directory in which to install ports
5prefix                  /tmp/macports-tests/opt/local
7# Where to store MacPorts working data
8portdbpath              /tmp/macports-tests/opt/local/var/macports
10# Type of storage to use for the port registry information, "flat" or "sqlite"
11# NOTE: sqlite not yet supported.
12portdbformat            flat
14# Type of installation to do for ports, "direct" or "image".  See macports.conf(5) and online documentation.
15portinstalltype         image
17# Directory containing the X11 installation.
18x11prefix               /tmp/macports-tests/usr/X11R6
20# Where to find the sources list.
21sources_conf            /tmp/macports-tests/opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf
23# Where to find global variants definition file (optional)
24#variants_conf          /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf
26# Create and use binary archive packages for installation/reinstallation ease
27portarchivemode         no
29# Where to store/retrieve ports binary archive files
30portarchivepath         /tmp/macports-tests/opt/local/var/macports/packages
32# Type of binary archive packages to create when using archive mode
34# Note: Multiple types ARE allowed and must be a colon or comma
35# separated list of choices (NO spaces). Use of multiple types will
36# cause archive creation to build all the specified types in one step.
37# Unarchive uses multiple types as a search list to locate the archive,
38# first archive to match one of the specified types in order is used.
40# Supported types: tgz (default), tar, tbz, tbz2, xar, zip, cpgz, cpio
41portarchivetype         tbz
43# Set whether to automatically execute "clean" after "install" of ports
44portautoclean           yes
46# Rsync server to fetch MacPorts sources from
49# Rsync directory from which to pull the base/ component (infrastructure) of MacPorts
50rsync_dir                       release/base/
52# Rsync options
53rsync_options           -rtzv --delete-after
55# Options for generated startup items
56# startupitem_type may be "default", "systemstarter", or "launchd";
57# if the option is empty or "default" then a startupitem type appropriate
58# to the platform will be chosen. Tiger will default to launchd, while
59# older Mac OS X systems will default to systemstarter.
60startupitem_type         default
62# Extra environment variables to keep. Any variables listed here are added
63# to the list of variables that are not removed from the environment used
64# while processing ports
65# extra_env                     KEEP_THIS THIS_TOO
66extra_env                       ENVA ENVB
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