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base: test/trace: Adapt to new output format

Trace mode no longer prints a message for each trace violation; Adjust the
expected output accordingly.

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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1--->  Fetching distfiles for trace
2--->  Verifying checksums for trace
3--->  Extracting trace
4--->  Configuring trace
5--->  Building trace
6--->  Testing trace
7touch: ../tracetesttmp/create-trace: No such file or directory
8Command failed: touch ../tracetesttmp/create-trace
9Exit code: 1
10system "touch ../tracetesttmp/create-trace" failed as expected
11rm: ../tracetesttmp/delete-trace: No such file or directory
12Command failed: rm ../tracetesttmp/delete-trace
13Exit code: 1
14system "rm ../tracetesttmp/delete-trace" failed as expected
15ln: ../tracetesttmp/link-trace: No such file or directory
16Command failed: ln -s /usr/include/ ../tracetesttmp/link-trace
17Exit code: 1
18system "ln -s /usr/include/ ../tracetesttmp/link-trace" failed as expected
19mkdir: ../tracetesttmp: No such file or directory
20Command failed: mkdir ../tracetesttmp/mkdir-trace
21Exit code: 1
22system "mkdir ../tracetesttmp/mkdir-trace" failed as expected
23rmdir: ../tracetesttmp/rmdir-trace: No such file or directory
24Command failed: rmdir ../tracetesttmp/rmdir-trace
25Exit code: 1
26system "rmdir ../tracetesttmp/rmdir-trace" failed as expected
27mv: rename ../tracetesttmp/rename-trace to ../tracetesttmp/rename-new-trace: No such file or directory
28Command failed: mv ../tracetesttmp/rename-trace ../tracetesttmp/rename-new-trace
29Exit code: 1
30system "mv ../tracetesttmp/rename-trace ../tracetesttmp/rename-new-trace" failed as expected
31touch: ../tracetesttmp/create-trace-modenv: No such file or directory
32Command failed: DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES= touch ../tracetesttmp/create-trace-modenv
33Exit code: 1
34system "DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES= touch ../tracetesttmp/create-trace-modenv" failed as expected
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