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  1. Makefile:
    • abstract all command calls into path'd variables so that the Makefile can work called off launchd without any PATH reliance;
    • in doing that, note that the xsltproc command is provided by the libxslt port and require it too (path'd under ${prefix} too, for consistency);
  2. README:
    • correct project naming case;
    • note that the libxslt port is also required to build the documentation.
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1This is the MacPorts documentation directory.
3To generate it you have to checkout the whole "trunk/doc-new" directory and
4you need the "docbook-xsl", "docbook-xml" and "libxslt" ports. If your port
5installation isn't in /opt/local look at "Makefile" how you have to change
6this setup.
8To generate the guide and the man pages just use "make" in this directory.
9Then they are generated in guide/html and man/man.
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