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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
2<!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN"
3                "">
4<chapter id="membership">
5        <chapterinfo>
6                <keywordset>
7                        <keyword>
8                                committer
9                        </keyword>
10                        <keyword>
12                        </keyword>
13                </keywordset>
14        </chapterinfo>
15        <title>DarwinPorts membership</title> 
16        <sect1>
17                <title>Becoming a DarwinPorts committer</title>
19                <para>Becoming a member of the DarwinPorts project with commit access
20                to our CVS repository is pretty much a matter of involvement in any of
21                the areas of the project and the record you can establish thereof. We
22                encourage any developer and/or volunteer to apply for a CVS account
23                if certain simple requirements are met:</para>
25                <variablelist>
26                        <varlistentry id='list'>
27                                <term>
28                                        Involvement on the List:
29                                </term>
30                                <listitem>
31                                        <para>One key attribute of any DarwinPorts committer must be
32                                        enthusiasm for the project, so therefore we appreciate applicants
33                                        who've shown their involvement through active participation
34                                        on the <ulink url="">main user list</ulink>,
35                                        either through general user support and/or project roadmap discussion
36                                        and brainstorming.</para>
37                                </listitem>
38                        </varlistentry>
39                        <varlistentry id='contributions'>
40                                <term>
41                                        Contribution record:
42                                </term>
43                                <listitem>
44                                        <para>If applying for access to the "dports" section of the project,
45                                        an established record as a maintainer of already existing ports is
46                                        preferable. This can be accomplished either through the inheritance
47                                        of abandoned ports (those with the sole darwinports [at] opendarwin DOT org
48                                        maintainer address) or through writing your own from scratch. If instead
49                                        you plan to apply to any other area of the project, like "base" or "www", contributions
50                                        in the form of patches that can vouch for your skills on the aspects you
51                                        plan to help with are certainly a big plus. In all cases, submissions to
52                                        the project should be processed per the instructions detailed on the
53                                        "<ulink url="/docs/ch15.html">DarwinPorts Submissions</ulink>" chapter.</para>
54                                </listitem>
55                        </varlistentry>
56                </variablelist>
58                <para>If you feel like you meet and comply with these requirements and wish
59                to become a member of the group to help out personally, do feel free to send
60                a note to the <ulink href="/docs/ch12s03.html">PortMgr</ulink>
61                steering committee explaining your contributions, how long you've been involved
62                with the project and why think you'd make a good committer. The sole purpose of
63                said forum is overseeing the general evolution of DarwinPorts, so it is where you
64                should turn to for membership requests.</para>
66                <para>For a brief listing of the duties &amp; benefits resulting from holding
67                an OpenDarwin account, along with a short jump start on CVS primaries, read
68                OpenDarwin's <ulink url="">Committer's Guide</ulink>
69                for account applicants. The DarwinPorts' specific <ulink url="">New Committer's Guide</ulink>
70                is also a must read for new comers to become acquainted with our own procedures
71                and guidelines.</para>
73        </sect1>
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