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1# $Id: Portfile 50984 2009-05-14 21:08:43Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name                JHymn
6version             0.9.2
7platforms           darwin
8categories          aqua audio
9description         iTMS DRM removal utility
10long_description    The purpose of JHymn is to allow you to exercise your \
11                    fair-use rights under copyright law. It allows you to free \
12                    your iTunes Music Store (protected AAC/m4p) purchases from \
13                    their DRM restrictions with no sound quality loss. These \
14                    songs can then be played outside of the iTunes \
15                    environment, even on operating systems not supported by \
16                    iTunes.
20distname            [regsub -all {[\.-]} ${distname} _]_source
21use_zip             yes
22checksums           md5 d0a0ef88e504cab658692f21ae1fb8a4
23worksrcdir          ${name}
24use_configure       no
25depends_build       bin:faad:faad2 \
26                    bin:lame:lame
27pre-build           { xinstall "[binaryInPath faad]" "[binaryInPath lame]" \
28                        "${worksrcpath}" }
29build.cmd           ./        {}
31destroot            { xinstall -m 755 -d "${destroot}/Applications/MacPorts"
32                      file copy "${worksrcpath}/" \
33                        "${destroot}/Applications/MacPorts" }
35pre-fetch       {
36        return -code error "This application is subject to a cease and desist order barring distribution."
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