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1# $Id: Portfile 56061 2009-08-24 00:33:19Z $
2PortSystem          1.0
3name                openvanilla
4version             0.7.2
5categories          aqua textproc
6platforms           darwin
8description         package of popular Chinese input methods
9long_description    \
10    OpenVanilla is a lightweight text entry (input method \
11    editor, or IME for short) and output processing platform. It \
12    is very popular among Chinese-speaking OS X users as it \
13    provides many IMEs not found or not satisfactorily \
14    implemented in Apple\'s built-in modules. This installs \
15    the base package, including the Framework, the Loader \
16    and a set of popular modules for Traditional and \
17    Simplified Chinese. Note this will install bundles into \
18    your Library directory, as such is required for any text \
19    service (input method) components. RESTART REQUIRED.
21master_sites        sourceforge
22distname            OpenVanilla-OSX-Source-${version}
23build.args          CFLAGS+=-F../../Loaders/OSX/
24checksums           md5 e8619d6c96a140c78dd22bbd71764a59
25use_configure       no
26destroot.destdir    DSTROOT=${destroot}
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