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1# $Id: Portfile 38442 2008-07-20 16:15:10Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name            qtpfsgui
6version         1.9.2
7categories      aqua graphics
8maintainers openmaintainer
9description     GUI for HDR imaging workflow
10long_description Qtpfsgui is an open source graphical user interface \
11                application that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging.
12platforms       darwin
14master_sites    sourceforge
15patchfiles      patch-qtpfsgui-1.9.2-app-path.diff patch-qtpfsgui-1.9.2-exp10f.diff
16patch.pre_args  -p1
18depends_lib     port:qt4-mac port:exiv2 port:openexr port:ilmbase port:fftw-3-single port:tiff
20checksums       md5 8a037c1dc75f04752dc36a59e7237fc4
23# This shouldn't be this hard.  Taken from portconfigure.tcl because
24# I couldn't see any other way to set this.
25# Set pre-compiler filter to use (ccache/distcc), if any.
26if {[tbool configure.ccache] && [tbool configure.distcc]} {
27   set filter "ccache "
28   append_list_to_environment_value configure "CCACHE_PREFIX" "distcc"
29} elseif {[tbool configure.ccache]} {
30   set filter "ccache "
31} elseif {[tbool configure.distcc]} {
32   set filter "distcc "
33} else {
34   set filter ""
37# This also shouldn't be this hard.  All I want to do is set QMAKE_CC to the
38# environment variable CC (and QMAKE_CXX to CXX) that are set in portconfigure.tcl.
39# However, I couldn't figure out how to get the environment variable here so
40# this is a kludge to replicate what's done in portconfigure.tcl.  It should
41# be fixed as soon as possible.
42configure.pre_args  "PREFIX=${prefix} QMAKE_CC=\"${filter}gcc\" QMAKE_CXX=\"${filter}g++\""
43configure.cmd   "LOCALSOFT=${prefix} qmake"
44destroot.destdir INSTALL_ROOT=${destroot}
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