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1# $Id: Portfile 61297 2009-12-08 09:21:42Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name             mpc
6version          0.19
7categories       audio
8maintainers      milosh openmaintainer
9description      a command line tool for MPD
10long_description \
11        mpc is a simple command line client for MPD.\
12        Music Player Daemon (MPD) allows remote access for playing music (MP3, Ogg\
13        Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, Mod, and wave files) and managing playlists. MPD is\
14        designed for integrating a computer into a stereo system that provides\
15        control for music playback over a local network. It also makes a great\
16        desktop music player, especially if you are a console junkie, like\
17        frontend options, or restart X often.
19platforms        darwin
20depends_build    port:libiconv
21depends_lib      port:libmpdclient
22master_sites     sourceforge:musicpd
24use_bzip2        yes
26checksums           md5     9ab2967d9ec719b06a86f3b4121be654 \
27                    sha1    32ccc96b6bdd7e31e77972e3aad68e3a0e153b31 \
28                    rmd160  e7f14b7e2d8293ecd9fb03f1afe6e8143d39084a
30configure.args   --mandir=${prefix}/share/man
32livecheck.type   regex
33livecheck.url    ${homepage}
34livecheck.regex "\/${name}-(\\d+(?:\\.\\d+)*)${extract.suffix}"
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