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new: forkbomb 1.1

system stress tester... supposedly it will crash linux 2.4 :)

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1# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2004/01/24 10:17:32 toby Exp $
3PortSystem       1.0
4name             forkbomb
5version          1.1
6categories       benchmarks
8description      System stress testing tool
9long_description \
10    forkbomb is tool for stress testing. It can create many processes \
11    using fork(), eats all available memory using realloc() and \
12    accesses this memory. It has different switches for fine-tuning \
13    operation. While classic fork() bomb is good only for fun, \
14    running multiple memory-eaters can be useful for determining \
15    maximum memory which can be given to servers (bind or squid) \
16    without taking machine down. You can test different operation \
17    systems with this tool and see how they are handling the load.
19platforms        darwin
21checksums        md5 19943cc0810a63fcf2ac153bf8a37517
22use_configure    no
24destroot.destdir-append PREFIX=${prefix}
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