source: trunk/dports/benchmarks/iozone/files/PATH_MAX.diff @ 45366

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iozone: update to 3_318

File size: 639 bytes
  • fileop.c

    old new  
    5252#include <unistd.h>
    5353#include <dirent.h>
    5454#include <string.h>
     55#if defined(macosx)
     56#include <limits.h>
    5558#if defined(Windows)
    5659#include <Windows.h>
  • makefile

    old new  
    779779        @echo ""
    780780        @echo "Building fileop for MAC OS X"
    781781        @echo ""
    782         $(CC) -Wall -c -O $(CFLAGS) fileop.c -o fileop_macosx.o
     782        $(CC) -Wall -c -O -Dmacosx $(CFLAGS) fileop.c -o fileop_macosx.o
    784784fileop_linux-ia64.o:    fileop.c
    785785        @echo ""
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