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lrzsz: prevent destroot failure when lrzsz is already installed (#41028); update homepage and master_sites to avoid redirects; disable livecheck because the last release was in 1998

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    372372        rm -f $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)/`echo lsb | sed -e '$(transform)'`
    373373        ln $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)/`echo lsz |sed -e '$(transform)'` \
    374374                $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)/`echo lsb |sed -e '$(transform)'`
    375         rm -f $(bindir)/`echo lsx | sed -e '$(transform)'`
     375        rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/`echo lsx | sed -e '$(transform)'`
    376376        ln $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)/`echo lsz |sed -e '$(transform)'` \
    377377                $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)/`echo lsx |sed -e '$(transform)'`
    378         rm -f $(bindir)/`echo lrb | sed -e '$(transform)'`
     378        rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/`echo lrb | sed -e '$(transform)'`
    379379        ln $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)/`echo lrz |sed -e '$(transform)'` \
    380380                $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)/`echo lrb |sed -e '$(transform)'`
    381         rm -f $(bindir)/`echo lrx | sed -e '$(transform)'`
     381        rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/`echo lrx | sed -e '$(transform)'`
    382382        ln $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)/`echo lrz |sed -e '$(transform)'` \
    383383                $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)/`echo lrx |sed -e '$(transform)'`
    384384#       rm -f $(bindir)/`echo lrzszbug | sed -e '$(transform)'`
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