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1# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2003/06/03 03:30:34 waqar Exp $
3PortSystem 1.0
4name            minicom
5version         2.1
6categories      comms
8platforms       darwin
10description     Menu driven communications program
11long_description  \
12        Minicom is a menu driven communications program. It emulates \
13        ANSI and VT102 terminals. It has a dialing directory and auto \
14        zmodem download.
16checksums       md5 1c8f3b247c38fb16c3c2170df9fc102a
17depends_build   bin:sz:lrzsz bin:kermit:kermit
18patchfiles      patch-windiv.c
19configure.args  --enable-dfl-port=/dev/cu.modem \
20                --enable-lock-dir=${prefix}/var
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