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1# $Id: Portfile 109415 2013-08-15 06:58:50Z $
3PortSystem              1.0
5name                    s710
6version                 0.21
7revision                1
8categories              comms
9platforms               darwin
10license                 GPL-2
12description     communicate to a Polar S710 heart rate  monitor
13long_description This software lets you communicate from a  computer to a Polar S710 \
14heart rate monitor via the serial IR interface. It is  not complete, but a utility is \
15provided that gives you the ability to view the  settings on the watch and download \
16exercise files. Other utilities (also  provided) allow you to print the contents of \
17exercise files and render the data  in PNG.
20master_sites            googlecode
21checksums               md5 5cacc616971265881400e18e09c60fa5 \
22                        sha1 3b6f703082d19056490c76b22b4ef8158795876c \
23                        rmd160 866ed5d0dec77582872123f2762cbc2dfd6c0856
24depends_lib             port:gd2  port:libiconv
25configure.cflags        "-DS710_SERIAL_ALT_INTER_CHAR_TIMER_IMP -L${prefix}/libs710"
26configure.ldflags       "-lz -liconv"
27configure.args  --with-filedir=${prefix}/var/polar/s710/raw
29variant                 usb  {
30depends_lib-append port:libusb-compat
31configure.args-append  --with-usb
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