source: trunk/dports/cross/mipsel-linux-uclib-headers/files/120-more_standard_math.patch @ 21475

Last change on this file since 21475 was 21475, checked in by eridius@…, 13 years ago

Massive update to svn properties on files:
All patchfiles have svn:eol-style removed.
All files that are not in fact able to be executed have svn:executable removed
All binary files have svn:eol-style removed (and are probably corrupt)
All binary files have svn:mime-type set to application/octet-stream
All files which are not patchfiles or binary files have svn:eol-style set to native
All Portfiles have svn:eol-style set to native and svn:executable removed

File size: 398 bytes
  • libm/Makefile

    old new  
    7878         s_finite.c
    7979# We'll add sqrtf to avoid different configurations of libstdc++.
    8080CSRC+= w_sqrtf.c
     81# extra stuff required for some apps
     82CSRC+= fpmacros.c nan.c s_rint.c e_hypot.c w_hypot.c
    8284COBJS=$(patsubst %.c,%.o, $(CSRC))
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