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1# $Id: Portfile 131201 2015-01-06 19:52:47Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name            buddha
6version         1.2
7revision        1
8categories      devel
9license         GPL-2+
10maintainers     nomaintainer
11platforms       darwin
13description     A declarative debugger for Haskell 98 programs.
14long_description        \
15                Buddha is a debugger for Haskell 98 programs.           \
16                To be more precise, it is a declarative debugger.       \
17                It presents the evaluation of a Haskell program as      \
18                a series of equivalences, rather than the more          \
19                traditional stepwise presentation of debuggers for      \
20                imperative languages.
23master_sites    ${homepage}/download
25checksums       md5 e662d5e2891d7d5e203c477723b62aa3
27depends_build   bin:ghc:ghc
28depends_lib     port:hs-readline
30#bugs           Buddha requires that the associated ghc be built        \
31#               with profiling libraries. The is true for the ghc       \
32#               installed by MacPorts, but might not be if you  \
33#               installed ghc by a different route.                     \
34#                                                                       \
35#               Not all of the system libraries have buddha-ized        \
36#               versions, and buddha will fail to produce debugging     \
37#               versions of programs that use these libraries.
39notes   "The buddha parser is not as smart as full haskell\
40and sometimes requires a type signature to help it\
41along. Try this if the original source file compiles\
42but under buddha you get 'ambiguous type' errors."
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