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Allow "md5 <checksum>" to be used as a shorthand for
"$distfiles md5 <checksum>" since this is used everywhere and
can be optimized.

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File size: 462 bytes
1package require port 1.0
2portname        dlcompat
3portversion     0
4categories      devel
6description     dlopen(3) compatibility library for Mac OS X / Darwin
8checksums       md5 f05634740a9cf062016bc5cd190dd69c
9worksrcdir      ${portname}
10configure       { cd ${workpath}/${worksrcdir}
11                  reinplace s|/usr/local|${prefix}| Makefile }
13contents        lib/libdl.a \
14                lib/libdl.0.dylib \
15                lib/libdl.dylib \
16                include/dlfcn.h
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