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1# $Id: Portfile 56061 2009-08-24 00:33:19Z $
2PortSystem        1.0
3PortGroup         python24 1.0
4name              flagpoll
5version           0.9.1
6categories        devel
7platforms         darwin
9description       a python based replacement for pkgconfig
10long_description  Flagpoll is a tool for developers to use \
11                  meta-data files for storing information \
12                  on what is needed to compile their software.\
13                  Think of it as the rpm of software development.\
14                  It enables developers total control over \
15                  which packages, versions, architectures, etc. \
16                  that they want to use meta-data from.
19checksums         md5 c4ac50ae99a880704abfc62a64ed16aa
21fetch.ignore_sslcert    yes
23destroot.destdir        --prefix=${destroot}${prefix}
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