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1# $Id: Portfile 98841 2012-10-18 13:25:58Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
4PortGroup  cmake 1.0
6name                generatorrunner
7version             0.6.16
8categories          devel
9maintainers         nomaintainer
10license             LGPL
11description         Tool for development of binding generators for C++ and \
12                    Qt-based libraries
13long_description    GeneratorRunner is a tool that eases the development of \
14                    binding generators for C++ and Qt-based libraries by \
15                    providing a framework to help automating most of the \
16                    process. It uses the ApiExtractor library to parse the \
17                    header files and manipulate the classes information while \
18                    generating the binding code using front-end modules \
19                    provided by the user.
21platforms           darwin
24checksums           md5     c7011b8ee08e228779a769b7cfa90f5f \
25                    rmd160  ae146f36ab3752756decdca32c4d1c75da2dfc9c \
26                    sha1    3f118992bff2cbadcadfe5fbc0372e17da252b2e
27use_bzip2           yes
28depends_lib-append  port:qt4-mac port:apiextractor
29configure.args-append -DBUILD_TESTS:BOOL=FALSE
31livecheck.type      none
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