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1# $Id: Portfile 20274 2006-11-01 16:22:24Z $
3PortSystem      1.0
4name            gnome-bindings-python
5version         2.12
6categories      devel gnome
8description     The GNOME bindings for Python
9long_description        The GNOME bindings is the set of libraries that allow developers to develop fully GNOME compliant applications in C#, C++, Java, Perl, and Python. The platform is one of the suites of software packages that form the complete GNOME project offerings. NOTE: the GNOME Java bindings have yet to be ported to Mac OS X.
11depends_lib     port:py-gobject \
12                port:py-gtk2 \
13                port:py-gnome \
14                port:py-orbit
16fetch           { }
17checksum        { }
18configure       { }
19build           { }
20destroot        {
21        file mkdir ${destroot}${prefix}/share/doc/
22        system "echo ${long_description} > ${destroot}${prefix}/share/doc/README.${name}.txt"
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