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gtgt: update to 3.2.0 and disable universal variant since this port doesn't install any compiled software

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1# $Id: Portfile 65532 2010-03-27 03:05:52Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name                    gtgt
6version                 3.2.0
7categories              devel
8platforms               darwin
9maintainers             nomaintainer
10description             General (or GNU) template generation tools
11long_description        \
12        The (general | GNU) template generation tools are a set of scripts \
13        for creating a whole set of sources, which may already be compiled \
14        and installed by using the GNU development tools. Think of gtgt as \
15        a program which is able to create an already compilable, very \
16        sophisticated "hello world" program, written in C or C++ and \
17        constituted by a main program, two internal modules (classes), one \
18        static and one shared library. Using gitty-gitty you will get a \
19        template of sources for the main cases you might meet, and which \
20        you can also use as examples for automake, autoconf and so on.
23master_sites    sourceforge
25checksums               md5     902117aa819d1ef118a1d818a5fca43a \
26                                sha1    587af4bb1e8577aad5df60ba9f9aa8edd1c2af4d \
27                                rmd160  5cd1fea1e3dd96e8b03e2814726b5b0bc315b09e
29# no arch
30universal_variant       no
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