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1# $Id: Portfile 20757 2006-11-26 10:38:25Z $
3PortSystem      1.0
4name            iso-codes
5version         0.51
6categories      devel
8description     ISO country, language and currency codes and translations
9long_description        \
10                This package aims to provide the list of the country and \
11                language (and currency) names in one place, rather than \
12                repeated in many programs.
15distname        iso-codes_${version}-1.1
16worksrcdir      iso-codes-${version}
17checksums       md5 c094c957bd929c430e94dbc379cc2869
18use_bzip2       no
19depends_build   port:gettext port:py-xml
20patchfiles      patch-rules.make
21pre-configure   {
22        system  "cd ${worksrcpath} ; rm config.status"
23        system  "${worksrcpath}/"
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