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  • doc/crypto/bn_internal.pod

    Prevent build from generating docs for both BN_print and bn_print.
    old new  
    88bn_mul_low_normal, bn_mul_recursive, bn_mul_part_recursive,
    99bn_mul_low_recursive, bn_mul_high, bn_sqr_normal, bn_sqr_recursive,
    1010bn_expand, bn_wexpand, bn_expand2, bn_fix_top, bn_check_top,
    11 bn_print, bn_dump, bn_set_max, bn_set_high, bn_set_low - BIGNUM
     11bn_dump, bn_set_max, bn_set_high, bn_set_low - BIGNUM
    1212library internal functions
    1414=head1 SYNOPSIS
    5757 void bn_fix_top(BIGNUM *a);
    5959 void bn_check_top(BIGNUM *a);
    60  void bn_print(BIGNUM *a);
    6160 void bn_dump(BN_ULONG *d, int n);
    6261 void bn_set_max(BIGNUM *a);
    6362 void bn_set_high(BIGNUM *r, BIGNUM *a, int n);
    221220bn_check_top() verifies that C<((a)-E<gt>top E<gt>= 0 && (a)-E<gt>top
    222221E<lt>= (a)-E<gt>dmax)>.  A violation will cause the program to abort.
    224 bn_print() prints B<a> to stderr. bn_dump() prints B<n> words at B<d>
     223bn_dump() prints B<n> words at B<d>
    225224(in reverse order, i.e. most significant word first) to stderr.
    227226bn_set_max() makes B<a> a static number with a B<dmax> of its current size.
    228227This is used by bn_set_low() and bn_set_high() to make B<r> a read-only
    229228B<BIGNUM> that contains the B<n> low or high words of B<a>.
    231 If B<BN_DEBUG> is not defined, bn_check_top(), bn_print(), bn_dump()
     230If B<BN_DEBUG> is not defined, bn_check_top(), bn_dump()
    232231and bn_set_max() are defined as empty macros.
    234233=head1 SEE ALSO
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