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tkcvs: license, noarch

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1# $Id: Portfile 103951 2013-03-10 21:19:42Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name            tkcvs
6version         7.2.1
7categories      devel
8license         GPL-2+
9maintainers     nomaintainer
10description     Tk-based GUI for CVS
11long_description        \
12        TkCVS is a Tcl/Tk-based graphical interface to the CVS \
13        configuration management system. It displays the status \
14        of the files in the current working directory, and provides \
15        buttons and menus to execute CVS commands on the selected files. \
16        TkDiff is included for browsing and merging your changes.
19platforms       darwin
20supported_archs noarch
21distname        ${name}_[strsed ${version} {g/[.]/_/}]
22master_sites    sourceforge
23checksums       md5 a552cdccd7cde73eaa8a41294f499cfc
24depends_run     bin:wish8.4:tk
25patchfiles      patch-doinstall.tcl
26use_configure   no
27build           {}
28destroot        { system "cd ${worksrcpath} ; ./doinstall.tcl -nox -finallib ${prefix}/lib ${destroot}${prefix}" }
29post-destroot   {
30        reinplace "s|exec wish|exec wish8.4|" ${destroot}${prefix}/bin/tkcvs ${destroot}${prefix}/bin/tkdiff
32# vim: ts=8 sw=8
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