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1# $Id: Portfile 85438 2011-10-13 22:41:27Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name                xcc
6version             0.6.3
7categories          devel lang
8platforms           darwin
9maintainers         mww
10license             GPL-2
11description         parser generator for XML
12long_description    \
13    XCC is a tool for building XML format parsers. One way to \
14    describe what XCC does is by analogy with a generic parser \
15    generator, e.g. yacc or bison. Yacc needs a lexical analyzer to \
16    function properly, and that lexical analyzer is usually built \
17    with (f)lex. In the XML world, there are a few packages which fill \
18    in the role of lex (expat and libxml are the most known), but the \
19    high-level grammar parsing is usually done by a hand-written code. \
20    Writing such a parser is a tedious and error-prone task.
24checksums           md5     ad3bca85eb438b50e180c19fcbbc4673 \
25                    sha1    59a6e22ffcc5fea176031e70bfd6a4892e5df162 \
26                    rmd160  cdd62d071d3d389f16168ac38968f38a2bdf79a7
28fetch.use_epsv      no
29        bundle.i all
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