source: trunk/dports/emulators/simh/files/patch-vax_cpu.c.diff @ 37841

Last change on this file since 37841 was 37841, checked in by gwright@…, 12 years ago

Version bump to v38-0.

File size: 580 bytes
  • VAX/vax_cpu.c

    old new  
    372372t_stat cpu_set_idle (UNIT *uptr, int32 val, char *cptr, void *desc);
    373373t_stat cpu_show_idle (FILE *st, UNIT *uptr, int32 val, void *desc);
    374374int32 cpu_get_vsw (int32 sw);
    375 SIM_INLINE int32 get_istr (int32 lnt, int32 acc);
     375SIM_INLINE_DECL int32 get_istr (int32 lnt, int32 acc);
    376376int32 ReadOcta (int32 va, int32 *opnd, int32 j, int32 acc);
    377377t_bool cpu_show_opnd (FILE *st, InstHistory *h, int32 line);
    378378int32 cpu_psl_ipl_idle (int32 newpsl);
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